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    Use Caution buying Beardies Online!!!!!

    I just know what I have seen in my own beardies.My Alf is orange,but in different lights as I stated she can look yellow or orange or a mixture of both. Soaking up UVB light and heat,she gets black stripes on her back.Sometimes she look pumpkin orange,very deep orange,sometimes in another...
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    Does anyone house together?

    I have 2 dragons,a male and a female. I never put them together because of all the stories I had read,one day I decided to try showing them to each other,BAD idea. I thought my male was gonna hurt himself trying to get to the female,whether to fight or mate I have no idea,but glad I never tried...
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    Use Caution buying Beardies Online!!!!!

    Lighting has a way of making things look different.In some lights my female dragon looks like she has loads of yellow in her,in other lighting she looks orange,all pics taken with the same camera.My male dragon is a dark reddish color,in some lights he looks orange,in some rust colored,and in...
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    Lady Bugs

    Thanks to all who replied!!!!!!!! We have had more here than I have ever seen and from what I hear my little infestation is mild.Everyone here has been vacuuming them up,but compared to that I have none.Still more than I have ever seen and they tend to be found around my dragon cages,I guess...
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    Lady Bugs

    Are lady bugs harmful to beardies? Please answer ASAP.We seem to have an over abundance of them this year.
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    Can Someone help

    Zilla,the reason for the as much as they'll eat in 15 minutes is for growing baby beardies mostly.They need the protein for growing their bones,energy.As they get older the rule changes.When I first got Gimli,my male dragon would eat sometimes 30 to 50 crickets in a single feeding 2 times a...
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    Obsessed with beardie

    If I'm obsessed,my husband passed tht point a long time ago. He's the one who showed me beardies for the first time.We were at one of our friends places,(he used to do animal rescues but got too many animals and is trying to find homes and thin out some of what he has because he was running out...
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    Obsessed with beardie

    I have 2 beardies,male and female Alf,my female is 2 1/2 years old we hold her as long as we want,providing she is warm enough and then sometimes we wrap her in her blankie and a hand warmer.Gimli is 1 1/2 same with him.We also let them run around on the couch as long as 2 of us can be there to...
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    Obsessed with beardie

    Obsessed who me? Both of my beardies have carriers and get to go places in the summer months,both have their own blankies and get snuggled to sleep every night. My husband snuggles one and either my son or I snuggle the other one. They get out of viv time to roam the living room with us and get...
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    About how long do you hold your dragon everyday?

    It varies depeding on my schedule,when I am home I spend several hours rotating between my 2,bathing feeding and all else aside probably an hour or more at bedtime,but try to spend as much time with them as I can. At least an hour at bed time though.
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    Scary morning

    I was truly terrified.Those little critters are my babies.I tried to stay calm though because my husband was nearly a basket case,he loves Alf very much,h says she's the only pet he ever really wanted and picked out for himself.She is up and running already this morning at 8:45 A.M. Gimli has...
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    Scary morning

    We had no electricity from Thursday morning until Saturday night. We had taken Timmy to my sisters house so he was ok.Mark and I stayed at the trailor to keep water from freezing and to take care of our dragons...............We were fine ,trying to make the best of things cooking on our grill...
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    Tatsu Is Dying ...

    Nora, After days of running crazy,both of my dragons have been strangely quiet this morning,it's as if they knew.Our hearts go out to you and your family and we want to take this time to salute General Tatsu for the time my 2 had under his leadership!! All I can say is that now the beardies who...
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    Zak-n-Wheezie the 2-Headed Bearded Dragon(s) RIP APR 4/16

    Barbara, I just got caught up on some reading. I haven't been around much lately.......... The boys are gorgeous as usual and I am still amazed when I see pics.But then again I am still amazed by my 2 normal babies everyday. I couldn't understand when I first came here researching beardies,how...
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    How do people respond to your dragon?

    The ladies at the local pet store LOVE my 2 beardies. There have been a few times that I have to leave them home when I go up there that I have had to leave them home and they always ask,where are the babies? I have taken mine to car cruise ins,school,to the park and most of the time it's...
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    Christmas presents for your Dragon.....

    Several people keep mentioning mates,girlfriends/boyfriends.....................Are you wanting to breed? Are your dragons old enough to breed? Do you have seperate enclosures for each dragon? Are you financially able to care for up to 120 babies from 1 mating? Including cages for each...
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    Get well soon card (read inside) For vickson420

    Vicky, Sorry Hon,didn't even know you were sick. I haven't been on the board much lately. Please get well soon!! My family and I will be holding you in our thoughts and prayers. Beardie kisses from Alf and Gimli(who are doing well)and hugs from me, Sara
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    R.I.P. Mushu

    Coongrats on the new beardie!! Absolutely adorable.
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    where is your dragons favorite

    Our babies sleep whereever we lay them.At night we hold our dragons before they go to sleep and so they usually fall asleep on us and then we lay them in their tanks all wrapped up.We have done this since they first came to us.My husband works all day so he gets alf out after supper and she...
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    R.I.P. Mushu

    I'm so sorry for your loss! I have been through this and if you need to talk please PM me.
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