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    Looking for Adult Male Dubia

    Hey, does anyone have an "extra" adult dubia males they can spare? If you can send me some for the cost of shipping, please let me know! Thanks! Sandi (an old timer here who hasnt been around for awhile... when life happens, it really HAPPENS! LOL)
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    Rage Update

    What a gorgeous dragon! I love his happy colors! You can sure see that attitude of his! LOL!!!! Reminds me of 2 of my dragons - Link and Mercury.... attitude, attitude, ATTITUDE!!!! My cat Scribbles loves to cuddle with my dragons especially when they're wrapped in their blankies and are...
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    My Precious One-Eyed Jack has passed away.

    We found him dead this morning, and have just finished finished giving him a proper funeral. My youngest daughter made him a headstone, and we all signed it. Jack was a rescued about a year ago and was suffering from severe MBD and malnutrition. I've fed him baby food through a syringe each...
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    Major Puzzle of the day.... HELP!!!!! Pretty please????

    Perfect! Thank you SO much for the help!!!! Sandi
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    Major Puzzle of the day.... HELP!!!!! Pretty please????

    I have 8 dragon enclosures.... and not much other room in my house for anything else LOL!!!! I dont want to give up any of my dragons (they're mostly rescues that Ive become VERY attached to!), so I need to figure out the cheapest/best looking way to stack them or build condos for them. Can...
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    1st superworm beetle :) *breeding tips*

    LOL! Thanks!!!! I assumed they would, but wanted to make sure! LOL Sandi
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    1st superworm beetle :) *breeding tips*

    Do the worms need air holes? Or are they ok "as is" in the containers? Sandi
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    Poll of Northern California Beardies

    Mercury is still acting about the same, but Linky - who's been "hormonal" for a couple of months now is still trying to bob his head right off his shoulders! Sunny has noticed Zelda and is doing his BESTEST to impress her, and Destiny... well, she just watches everyone else and rolls her eyes...
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    For all you pic lovers. new pics of Kiku. (Pic heavy)

    What a cutie pie!!!! She sure DOES like her picture taken, doesnt she? She's adorable! Thank you for sharing these! HUGS Sandi
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    Slim Scaley Easy Rider.

    SO cute!!!!!!! Love these pictures!!!!! Sandi
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    YAY!!!! Im so glad you're hooked! They're so sweet arent they? Ah well, Puff is a cute name! And you know what? They DO puff! LOL They get all puffed up if they're upset, or if they're sucking in air to float in the bath. You'll have to post some pics of you and Puff together!!! I was...
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    I ALWAYS want another baby!!!!!! :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: Got one ya wanna send me? :wink: HUGS! Sandi
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    Good for you!!!! Keep handling him! He'll LOVE it and like everyone else says, SO WILL YOU! Ive got NINE dragons.... :roll: :roll: :roll: And everytime I try to figure out who's my favorite.... they ALL end up being my favorite for 9 DIFFERENT reasons! LOL Eragon - he's just such a...
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    The Terrible Trio - Herk-A-Birthday!!

    Cant wait to see them!!! Waves back from this beardie bunch of NINE! :shock: :shock: :shock: :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: Just like pringles.... :D Sandi
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    Nero... A Year in the Life... (pic heavy)

    Happy belated birthday Nero!!!! Sorry Im late! Been kinda preoccupied with birthdays and such around here! LOL!!!! You're such a handsome young man! LOVE your birthday hat and your awesome new stick and hammock!!! HUGS! Sandi
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    My Destiny

    Yeah, it just amazed me how calm she was! I think if Id spent the night in a box, Id be terrified! Sandi
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    My Destiny

    Here are some pictures I took of Destiny last night! FINALLY got my camera battery replaced!!! This next one is on my 11 year old's shoulder - she looks so big in that last picture! LOL She's so tiny though! HUGS! Sandi
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    My Destiny

    As soon as I get my new camera battery I'll update all of their pictures! They're all getting so big!!!! This mornings update on my beautiful Destiny - She poo'd yesterday, and she ate very well. I burrito'd her (as well as you can burrito a tiny baby! LOL) and she LOVED it!!! This...
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    My Destiny

    Yep, I DEFINITELY had stress marks!!!! And if I coulda helped it, that UPS man would have too! :shock: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: LOL Anyway, I am SO happy with my beautiful little girl! YES my heart just melted when I saw her! She scared me when I picked up the little bag she...
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