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    What happened? longish post

    She wasn't losing any weight, she looked pretty healthy in that sense. that could possibly be it. they just moved in and redid all the floors and had to completely clean out the inside of a "sunroom" where she would often run around. I could see that as a possibility as my mom let her run...
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    What happened? long post

    Sorry, I forgot this section was here, would've posted here first. Mods, feel free to delete whichever post is in the wrong section. Hi, so my mom just called me telling me her bearded dragon just passed away. But her death seems extremely unusual so I was looking to see if anyone could help...
  3. J

    What happened? longish post

    my mom does not want to do an autopsy, she doesn't want her cut open and stuff. was hoping for maybe just a generalish diagnosis or something. in the past like 5 years since I got my first beardy, I've never read about any beardy turning bright yellow and just turning so bad. my guess it has...
  4. J

    What happened? longish post

    Hi, so my mom just called me telling me her bearded dragon just passed away. But her death seems extremely unusual so I was looking to see if anyone could help inform me. warning, long post. I'll start with her set up since thats what usually people look for, she was in a custom 4x2x2...
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    Is there any way to distinguish a rankins and a vitticeps?

    are you feeding properly? do you have correct uvb? are your temp's right? those are the most common causes for your problems. Petsmart/Petco, the two LARGEST pet chain stores in the world, will not accidentally sell you a rankins instead of a bearded dragon. you should be feeding twice a...
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    New baby beardy! Name suggestions welcome

    Thanks!! I like Midas a lot, just worried my mom won't be able to pronounce that lol she has a lot of trouble pronouncing names she doesn't come up with due to her accent. about to place an order for phoenix worms and dubia, been a while since i did that lol.
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    New baby beardy! Name suggestions welcome

    Hey everyone, so I used to have a bearded dragon, an awesome red/orange boy but he died suddenly with no signs as to why. That happened almost 2 years ago and I haven't owned my own beardy since. My mom has one but I never got one again. Anyway long story short, after the passing of my tegu a...
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    powersun bad?

    Powersun bulbs gave my tegu really bad MBD and were making my Sulcata pyramid. I'm not sure if I got unlucky with them but the bulbs never got older than 8 months and when I finally decided enough was enough I went back to reptisun 10.0's and there was an INSTANT difference with both...
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    The B grade 15$ beardie in the back

    oops, your name and first line of your post got me lol. im sure you're going to have quite a bit of that haha. anyway, good job with it either way. I've rescued a few leopard geckos but never a beardy as I never had that much extra space as i do now.
  10. J

    The B grade 15$ beardie in the back

    I bet this was from Scale's N Tails right? They are so bad to their animals.
  11. J

    R.I.P Thad, my buddy.

    So I just wanted to put this up in honor of my bearded dragon who just passed suddenly. He was only going to be 2 years old next month. He was doing just fine, was showing some signs of an URI but I quickly ordered rept-aid and he seemed to be doing better. He was basking like normal, had his...
  12. J

    Show off your Beardies!! Post Pics!

    one of his new favorite positions, been finding him like this almost everyday lately. him as a baby might as well post a juvy pic as well
  13. J

    Viv pics only thread

    got this critter condo for $100 my beardy loves it already
  14. J

    If you need to update your bulb, do it ASAP!

    So I had my old reptisun for almost a year, 11 months to be exact, and i only prolonged it because of my move and i was unable to find reptisun bulbs locally at the expos/shows here. plus, it says change yearly so i figured it should be alright. NOPE. its been 2 days since i got a brand new...
  15. J

    Purley (UK) Lady Getting Chemo for Her George!

    i think it really depends on the situation. at this point my beardy would take priority over any girl or person because he's been the only one thats been by my side the past year and took the big drive from socal to colorado with me like a champ. at this point, if i have $5 in my pocket and...
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    Doesn't like music practice!

    it really depends. is your kid new at it and still learning? if hes new and is playing the wrong notes or tones it could possibly bug your beardy. both of mine were fine with my DJing at excessive volumes, same with my leos. but i could see hearing wrong notes and stuff setting them off in a...
  17. J

    Introduce Two Dragons

    the one climbing on top of the other is not a good sign. its a show of dominance. i wouldnt keep doing it. it doesnt benefit anybody but yourself.
  18. J

    Just got a Bearded Dragon

    that second tank you posted is no good. beardies need a wide/long tank, not a tall one. they don't climb like chameleons or geckos. and on top of that they need to get within 8-12 inches of the UVB bulb without any screen blocking it.
  19. J

    Any Reptile Stores? or just go to the map section of google and type in "reptile" and search around. not hard.
  20. J

    The POOP and SMEAR!

    oh man, at first i thought "whats this person complaining about, everyones beardie smears poop every once in a while" that is until i read the up to 6 inches on the glass part. now thats some serious smearing. my suggestion would be to try to give them a warm bath in the morning so they poop...
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