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    Reptiworms-Have your large orders lasted?

    I've been wanting to check into ordering some worms, where are you ordering yours from? What is the best worm for a 6 month old?
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    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    Wow! Wow! Wow! It looks amazing! Dudley looks so happy, and his colors are awesome, he's so beautiful. You did such a good job fixing it up. :D Btw is the substrate the non adhesive Linoleum? Looks great. :)
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    Help!! Beardie May Be Dieing!! UPDATE!!

    Hi! I purchased my fixture from walmart (the hardware section) for about 10 dollars. They carry different sizes. Also don't use the cover that comes with it, it will block uv rays. Hope this helps. :D
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    Letting her decide when she's finished?

    My little one does the same thing! So far she's only ate 12 at one feeding. When she's done she's done. :) Has Wave started eating veggies yet? Astrid only sniffs the good stuff then looks like "yeah right, sure you eat it, not me!" Lol :)
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    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    Way to go Jess! You did a great job fixing it up! He looks happy in there. :)
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    Hunters bed time and teaching me a lesson!

    He's soo cute! How old is he? We tried to give Astrid a cozy too, but she hasn't used it yet. Love the pics!
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    ~ Riding the Waves with Wave ~ TWO MONTHS, 6/5/11

    Our little one hatched 2/10/11 . She's our first BD, they are sooo cute, huh. Ours hasn't touched her greens yet, although she did nibble a little cantaloupe from my hand. I can't wait to see her chomping down.
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    ~ Riding the Waves with Wave ~ TWO MONTHS, 6/5/11

    Wave is cute! How old is she?
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    My First Beardie Grimlock!

    Links didn't work..., :( I had to create a photo bucket account to up load my pics. Then you copy & paste img tag to the post. Hope this helps. Bobbie
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    Cricket Alternative?

    I'm new at being a beardie owner too and ours is about 6 inches. We started taking her out of her viv to feed her. We have a smaller tank set up with repti carpet and a small clamp light for heat. Feeding them out side of the viv helps with the fishing the left overs out part. Don't know if this...
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    Pointless and sad posts

    I too shall pointlessly and sadly post. First off let me say I love this site, this community. It has helped me so much already and I'm new still. If something I'm wondering about isn't currently being talked about then I'll use the search engine to see if it's archived. So many questions I've...
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    So sweet !

    Hi, just wanted to share! I just got done feeding Astrid her dinner (about 8 crickets, the most she's ate in one sitting) and when I put her from her feeding box to her viv she held unto me, climbing up my hand to my wrist. She's never done that with me before. She does it all the time with...
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    Dudley got a new viv!!! (All finished! New pics 4/15!!)

    That looks awesome! Dudley will love it! Did you find a spot in your room for it? Nice find. :D
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    Dudley got a new viv!!! (All finished! New pics 4/15!!)

    Very nice! Glad you found it , can't wait to see it when it's done! :)
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    Another light question please help

    Thanks so much every body
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    Another light question please help

    She is 6 weeks old, does that make a difference in basking temps? We will be moving her to bigger tank when she gets bigger, we are just starting out. Thanks for your help.
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    Another light question please help

    Hi . Last night my husband bought a tube bulb for our little ones viv. It's a 24 inch tube bulb exo terra repti glo 10.0 . It's the only one the pet store had. Is it as good as the repti sun brand? Has there been known problems with it? Also the fixture has a plastic cover for it, do I need to...
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    coil light issues

    Another lighting question.... The uvb tube need to be 6 to 8 inches above her highest basking spot? Is that right? Also I've been using a CHE all day and night long, is this bad? Should I just be using it at night time? Do I need a bright basking light for day combined with uvb?
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    Question about temp gauges

    Another question, do you leave sensors in the viv? Would a 6 week old be too curious to leave them in?
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    coil light issues

    GoodTo know, my hubby will be picking it up, excited to have right light for my little baby. Thanks
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