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    need help to completely disinfect my terrarium

    Stop by vets office and ask for some disinfectant, if you bring a spray bottle they might fill for a few bucks like mine does.
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    Pet Smart

    FYI- Have a few friends that are employees and managers at area stores and they are all telling me that the stores are getting very small BD in right now to cover all there sales. Looks like maybe only 10 day old or so BD. Fatalities are almost 30% in the stores and they have had a lot to vet...
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    does anyone know what breederhas the most rare beardies

    Silkies can be had for $100, they are not rare at all. Josh D plays with the newer morphs, he does auctions every once and awhile and I wish I had $1000 to use in bidding.
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    Converting Dresser to double viv

    One major problem I see is finding anything that is 4' wide, anything smaller will be out grown. I built some enclosures with Melamine and hardboard backs, cost $30 each for frames and they can be moved separately, which is nice when it comes time to deep clean or move. Styrofoam weighs...
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    Good fecal examination

    Maybe call a reptile vet and see if they will do it. There is also a forum in the UK that was quite active and they might be able to help.
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    Beardie puffing Up Body!?!?!??

    scared of something.... trying to make himself look too big to be eaten.
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    Growing Phoenix Worms: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Wine cooler
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    Welcome. I love the name pancake
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    Welcome and yes we love pictures
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    Baby Bearded Dragons

    Since this is an ad selling something, it should be in the FOR SALE section and you need to pay the fees to support the forum.
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    When can I start feeding my bearded dragon worms?

    Also lettuce is just water with no nutrition, its better to feed collards or mustard and such at this age so that they will eat it when they get bigger and need all the nutrition they can get from veggies.
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    need help categorizing my beardie

    They shed in parts, it still looks like his head, tail and feet need to shed Green color turns to tan as they shed and then sometimes white in later sheds. You can always call him a pastel BD
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    CountrynCrafty and ???

    Poor thing, Thank you for rescuing. Looks like lack of food and UVB. MBD is what is wrong.You can use some saline eye drops to flush the eyes. I would make a baby food mix instead of crickets or mealworms right now, maybe get some critical care and Zoo med energy paste to add and dilute with...
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    Sits with mouth open

    Its normal, regulating temps. Once you get an instant temp gauge and adjust his basking spot he will not do it as much.
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    Zephyr's Stepping Stones

    Now I want a BD skateboard. Too cute
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    CountrynCrafty and ???

    Your img link does not work....
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    please critique my enclosure

    Please read the care sheets at the top of forum. Pictures are hard to see even when blown up for my old eyes, but the UVB should really be a ReptiSUN 10.0 tube The screen blocks 50% of the good UVB rays The sticks and blocks, hopefully were sterilized in an oven for 2 hrs on low, so that they...
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    need help categorizing my beardie

    Looks to be a normal scaled BD, if he has 20 clear nails then he would be a hypo. Color? TBD later.... might have a yellow head and orange body or it could just be the shed he is about to go through.
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    need help categorizing my beardie

    Upload to a photo hosting site like photobucket and then add img link to a post here.
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    expelling water??

    What have you been feeding? I would not worry unless it happens again and you are not feeding lots of juicy things ie. soft worms, fruit, salad, etc...
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