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    Hi, New here!

    welcome and cute pooper! we do like pics here!!! :D
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    It's For Real Now... I Just Bought My First Beardie!

    welcome and nice pooper! i vote for dewey!
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    What do I have here?

    welcome and cute pooper! just to let u know, the lines on his/her belly means he/she is stressed. if he has them while he is in his cage, you should probably take him out and hold him/her. your has grown alot more than mine!!!!!!!!!!! :blob8: :blob8:
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    How much for a Beardie

    Alison, I am often a long poster so you'll sometimes have some competition from me, but probably not on this post. We thought we were going to have to pay $150 to get a nice bright yellow dragon, but we got Elvis, a citrus tiger, at a Reptile Expo for only $60. He's already a pretty yellow and...
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    Reptigirl's mom, Elvis's Grandmom

    Oh I'm fine enjoying Elvis with her. I have two sugar gliders, two dogs and a Gray Parrot. I was very surprised when she became interested in reptiles in the first place. She's normally the girlier and more bug-phobic of my two daughters, so wanting something she has to feed crickets to was...
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    Just bought rep-cal with d3

    Agreed with above post. If you have a MVB (Mercury Vapor Bulb) like Mega Ray or T-rex you should get calcium without D3 but if you have the tube type UV light, you should get it with D3. Either way, I've heard in younger dragons exactly what the above post said, 5 days a week with calcium and...
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    Hunger Strike and Lazy Leg - What Gives?

    I think 58 is a little cool for night temp. I've heard if it gets below 65 that you should add a heat lamp (doesn't give off light, just heat). Other than that, I'm not sure. Vet visit may be in order as s/he may have parasites or coccidia which can be picked up by a simple fecal test. Oh...
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    im looking for answers. malpractice with the vet perhaps?

    First let me say I am so sorry for your loss. It is truly heartbreaking to lose a pet and when you hear that perhaps it didn't have to happen, it makes the loss even harder to deal with. That being said, what would you hope to accomplish by suing the vet? If you say making sure s/he doesn't...
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    Reptigirl's mom, Elvis's Grandmom

    Well, my daughter got a beautiful dragon named Elvis about a month ago. I had been posting here occasionally, using her username (Reptigirl) so I decided to register as myself. Here's a pic of Elvis, just to make this post more interesting.
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