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    Bearded dragon mad

    I'm thinking that you're training him to behave that way. Animals have pretty simple thinking processes--Any behavior that is followed by a reward will tend to happen more frequently. When he hisses at you and you stick food in his mouth, he's learning that "hissing = getting fed." I would...
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    BD slowing down- Are the changes normal or not?

    Ok, so I made a few changes and my bd is pretty much back to normal. First, I changed the uvb bulb for a fresh one. Second, I rearranged his enclosure. I removed a background that was allowing prey items to hide behind it, and I filled some gaps in his slate flooring with dirt to keep prey...
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    How are you feeding Dubias to your dragons?

    When I used to work construction we had a saying "If you can't raise the bridge, try to lower the water." So I took your suggestion and removed any gaps or other objects behind which they can hide. I took out the background and put one up behind the glass, I filled in the gaps between the...
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    How are you feeding Dubias to your dragons?

    Until now, I've been feeding primarily superworms out of a special worm dish. However, I'm switching to dubias and they seem to be able to escape pretty much every container I've tried. I don't want to just let them loose in the enclosure because there are a few places they can hide. Any ideas?
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    BDs "going off" particular foods.

    So I keep hearing about this, particularly since my BD seems not to want to eat supers any more. How do you manage? I have recently (yesterday) started a dubia colony which won't be ready for feeding for about a month or so, and I have a ton of supers to give. If I only offer supers, will he...
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    BD slowing down- Are the changes normal or not?

    Well he's definitely basking, just not as much as before. I was home today, so I paid close attention. Basically his lights come on at 6am and go off at 7pm. He used to come out of the hide when the lights came on and return to it after they went out. This morning, he didn't come fully out...
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    BD slowing down- Are the changes normal or not?

    Anyone? Today his lights have been on for like 3 hours already and he's still partially in his hide. He's awake and alert- he came about halfway out of there but isn't going to his usual basking spot. Brumation? Also, I have not fed him today...I think I will withhold food for a day or 2 and...
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    BD slowing down- Are the changes normal or not?

    Hi, I have a BD that's about 10 months old and 17" long. Until recently he's been fairly active, would run to the dish of grubs or worms when I put it in the enclosure and was usually in his basking spot. In the past week or 2, he's been hanging out under the basking spot as opposed to on it...
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    Size questions and perhaps onset of brumation

    I'm in NJ. He certainly hasn't stopped eating, he just doesn't run over to the dish like he used to. Thanks for the information.
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    Size questions and perhaps onset of brumation

    Hi everyone, I got my bd in September of last year, and I was told he was about 4-5 months old. Since then he has grown from 10 inches to over 17 inches. I estimate he's about 10 months old at this point. I am curious about his size. I though he was pretty big, until I went back to the...
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    Getting more male dubia than female...

    I think people are probably going to tell you to start feeding off the males whenever your BD comes out of brumation.
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    Roach Heating...Another thread

    I ended up purchasing the heat pad in the first post. I will set everything up and check temps, then it's time to order some roaches.
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    Roach Heating...Another thread

    Sorry to hijack, but I didn't want to create a new thread for a similar question: I am planning to use a 30g sterilite tub as a roach colony...would it be ok to heat that with a stick-on type heat pad? I would use a fairly small one to cover less than half of the tub. I see that some come with...
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    Thinking of Switching from supers to dubias

    Thanks for the reply. So would you say that 200 dubias of mixed size would be a good place to start? About how many dubias does a full grown BD eat daily?
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    Thinking of Switching from supers to dubias

    Hi, I have tried my hand at breeding supers, and I've had some success but overall it's really a pain. Having to manage all the containers and separating them is getting old. I'd like to switch to dubias as (from what I've read) you're only dealing with one container and there's less...
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    Breeding Supers--I think I'm doing something wrong...

    Hi folks, I'm about 2-3 months into my super breeding project. I have supers pupating, successfully turned a bunch of them into beetles, and now I have about 20-30 adults in a breeding container with my food/substrate and a potato in there. They have plenty of egg crate to crawl around on...
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    Hi! My bd is about 17" long at this point, eating veggies and supers like a champ. The bad thing is that with his increasing size has come increasingly stinky poops. I have tried to spot clean, but the branches in the enclosure are getting very dirty. How do you guys clean the enclosures...
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    BD color

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum (if it's not, I'm sorry), but I'm curious about the color of the BD. Mine is probably about 6-7 months old, eating like a champ, and shedding at least once a month (more like every 3 weeks) but never all at once. I was told she was a normal phase BD...
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    Specific question about Alien phase of Superworm...

    It goes like this: Worm = Larval stage Alien = pupal stage Beetle = Adult stage. In that order.
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    Video of my BD eating a bunch of fly larvae.

    She does eat her salads. I'd say approximately once or twice a day she will go pick at it. As she gets older and closer to full-sized, I will be switching to superworms (I am trying to establish a breeding colony now) and reduce protein/increase salad. Also, I don't think that chewing was...
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