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  1. Hazel_Basil10

    What do you talk about?

    I literally just talk about my day and other crazy stuff as if she's a normal person...... Although I don't think she ever listens to me because she never talks to me......🤣🤣
  2. Hazel_Basil10

    Zsa Zsa fired up

    She is just a gorgeous dragon!!
  3. Hazel_Basil10

    Bred my bettas

    Those are gorgeous ones! I remember when I bred some I had two blue ones and I got three random white/pink ones two female and one male which I cant complain the white/pink ones are absolutely gorgeous we kept the male one and he's still alive to this day
  4. Hazel_Basil10


    I guess so 😅
  5. Hazel_Basil10


    Okay thank you!! but c'mon Hazel why you gotta make my job harder than it needs to be... :ROFLMAO: 😆
  6. Hazel_Basil10


    Okay so I got the lay box which she was in that all day but no eggs. I checked this morning all over her cage and there were 17 eggs underneath her hide but not in her lay box. Are they supposed to lay in their lay box or....?
  7. Hazel_Basil10


    Okay thank you!!
  8. Hazel_Basil10


    She is two and a half years old
  9. Hazel_Basil10

    Beardie won't lay eggs in her laybox??!!

    I have no idea- I think they will lay wherever they feel comfortable but I don't know-
  10. Hazel_Basil10


    So she's been digging and has been under her little cave. I don't have the repti carpet right now I have to replace it. I have sand for right now but I'm wondering if she has eggs cuz she's been under her hide and digging for a few hours now. I will get her lay box if I need to but I'm not sure.
  11. Hazel_Basil10

    Is this a bad basking behavior? Or is it ok?

    Yes that is okay.
  12. Hazel_Basil10

    Is this a bad basking behavior? Or is it ok?

    Yeah it could be that she's too hot because they will move whenever they feel too hot.
  13. Hazel_Basil10

    Is this a bad basking behavior? Or is it ok?

    What you can do is lower the log just a bit lower from the basking light. I moved mine lower and it helped a lot as my beardie got older.
  14. Hazel_Basil10

    6 yr old beardie having eggs help! (Urgent)

    @AHBD should be able to help.
  15. Hazel_Basil10

    OMG I am so happy right now!!!

    Here are some they're not great but you have the idea(Dont mind the poop 😆) my friends sister was taking her on a walk when I took these
  16. IMG_20240517_151016552.jpg


  17. IMG_20240517_151022819_HDR.jpg


  18. Hazel_Basil10

    Signs my beardie has eggs?

    I have no idea- it could be but others might know.
  19. Hazel_Basil10

    Is this a bad basking behavior? Or is it ok?

    They move to their cool spots whenever they need to. 105-108 is a little too hot adult dragons temps should be about 95-98° mine's temps are 95° and she moves away from it when she eats or she goes to bed. I would drop the temps to 95-98°
  20. Hazel_Basil10

    Isn't this the most pitiful thing you've ever seen? (Nothing bad I promise)

    Her face has got the word "Whyy?" All over that tiny adorable little face😍😆
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