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    New Beardie Owner :)

    Welcome to the forum! Your beardies are adorable! If you haven't already done it, separate them into different tanks to prevent fighting. You also might want to replace crushed walnut substrate with tile, paper-towel, or newspaper to prevent impaction. Feel free to ask any questions! We...
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    Are baby mealworms ok

    ^Good. People occasionally recommend mealworms, however don't know what they're talking about. It's not even worth wasting a few bucks on mealworms, they're that useless and unhealthy.
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    They're an excellent source of calcium and are one of the best feeders. I used to feed my beardie butters because they were ridiculously easy to store and he went bonkers over them. Remember, a varied diet is best, but as a primary feeder butterworms are as good as you get. (in my opinion)...
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    Live vs. Canned

    Live food is always the best route. The chemicals and preservatives used aren't the healthiest. You can use them as a snack, but they cannot replace live feeders. I use pellets to gutload and sometimes top salads, but that's it. Feed them in moderation.
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    Best Feeder Bowl

    Ok, thanks! :)
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    Best Feeder Bowl

    I have three bowls that I use to feed my beardie and none of them are superworm-escape-proof. This is getting really frustrating as I'd like to feed him earlier, but I can't leave food for him in the morning before I go to school because they end up all over his tank. Are there any bowls that...
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    Candlefly (moth)

    Keep an eye on her and make sure she's warm enough that she can pass it as quickly as possible. I don't know how a candlefly can affect a beardie, however sometimes when a beardie gets a hold of a moth they pass it or throw it up so look for any signs pointing to the latter.
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    Feed your beardie more crickets. She needs more protein at such a young age. 2 feedings a day is good. Give her as many crickets as she will eat in one sitting. Its good that she likes veggies, but it's more crucial for her to eat protein now or her growth may be stunted. (Btw she's...
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    how many silkworms should I feed a day?

    Silkworms should be dusted, however, if your feeding your beardie reptiworms at every feeding then you probably won't need to dust any feeders with calcium.
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    Waxworms and Butterworms???

    The good thing about butters is that you don't need to dust them since they contain a lot of calcium. It's always good to have a variety though, so you can always mix a bunch of bugs together and it'll be healthier then just one worm. :D
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    how many silkworms should I feed a day?

    They're really easy to digest and they're healthy, so test to see how much he will eat and see since it won't do him any harm. Don't over feed him though, cause they contain a lot of protein and shouldn't replace veggies. (You probably know that already, but I just wanted to put in a reminder...
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    Waxworms and Butterworms???

    Actually, butterworms are not fatty. They're a great staple and I feed them to my beardie who's nuts over them. Don't feed waxworms more then once a week. Butterworms, however, are great to feed to your beardie. I envy the fact that you have a local butterworm seller. :D
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    Looking for Utah Breeders

    I'd suggest waiting till warmer weather comes. If you can't find a local breeder, thats the safe thing to do.
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    HELP With new beardies

    I didn't have time to add this before, so here's some more info.
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    HELP With new beardies

    Separate them immediately. That "submissive" sign will lead to an undernourished beardie or an injured one.
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    Best worm...?

    What the user above said is good. You can also try reptiworms (aka phoenix worms). They're the right size for a baby and they just need to be kept in a cool area. Repti's has tons of calcium, you won't have to powder them with calcium as often as you usually do.
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    Bearded Dragon Foods

    I'm not a big fan of pellets. They're processed and contain chemicals and certain animal byproducts that are absolutely appalling. I give my lizard pellets occasionally, but most of the time I use it to feed any feeders I have lying around.
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    Slightly underweight Female, Super's?

    Butterworms aren't fatty, thats a misconception. They're actually one of the best feeders around, and are loaded with calcium. (Which is what a dragon needs when they're developing eggs) Hornworms are good, however they won't pack on the pounds and they don't have a lot of nutrition compared...
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    Slightly underweight Female, Super's?

    A varied diet is best. Don't give her fatty foods all at once as it could destroy her liver. A diet rich in supers, butters, and silks is best. I strongly suggest buying a female from a reputable breeder instead of using the female you acquired. Since she's been neglected, she could be...
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    Greetings from a total beardie noob...

    I strongly recommend you don't feed your beardie mealworms. They are very low in nutrient content and they have a high amount chitin, which can cause impaction. Congrats on your new beardie! :D Please post pictures!
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