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    HELP with babies

    Hi all, My babies are 5 days old and are scared to death of the crickets. We have only put a few in each time trying to get them to eat but they start breathing fsater and start running around the cage. I have tried to offer ones that I kill to se if they would eat them that way, and still...
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    Dubia starting question

    Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, having login troubles. Plastic tote is fine, you could start with the starter kit that the Roach Guy sells, that's what we did. In the beggining however either only feed a few adults (try not to use females) every couple days so you have breeders. Or you can...
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    Dubia starting question

    We have used Dubias for years, feeding my adults about 4 to 6 every other day. I have now heard you can give a few more than that. Even though they breed quickly, you don't have to worry about them climbing out of the enclosure, They can't climb. we kept our colony in a 20 gal. and they bred...
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    New Babies

    Thank you so much for replying.
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    Please help me, tell me how to post pics on here. Thank you, Denise
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    New Babies

    They were are all 3 running around so we took them out of incubator, and placed in a 10 gal. should I put them back? I am glad you said they might not eat yet as I'm freaking because they ate once this am but not since. 2 are readily opening thier mouths at us lol 1 not tho. hope he will be...
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    New Babies

    So we had 3 babies hatch either late last night or early this am. So now my questions are... 1. Besides crickets can they also eat roaches and silkworms? 2. temp. is it suppossed to be 100 to 110? ( I read that somewhere). 3. Does the light stay on at all times to keep warm or turn off at...
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    I have 4 eggs that are a month old, yes I have a male and female. Theplumperthan when hatched, so can I assume they are fertile? This is our first time. She had a clutch about a month ago but they didn't survive. They are in an incubator and I'm doing everything I'm supposed to.
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