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  1. Unknownhope

    Before and After pics! Let's see em! :D

    Bubbie: (from a local petshop) Aiden: (from Beth at Greathouse Farms)
  2. Unknownhope

    I am adopting!! He's Home!!

    He's got an adorable face. What a cutie!
  3. Unknownhope

    New Baby Girl!

    How adorable!!! Such a cutie! I love the name Pixel. Beth is absolutely fantastic, you will not be disappointed with her dragons. I got my male dragon, Aiden from her last November and he's still healthy as can be and happy as ever. Loves to be my snuggle baby. :) I still ask Beth questions...
  4. Unknownhope

    R.I.P. Rocky 6/20/2011

    How are you and the little man doing?
  5. Unknownhope

    Showing off...

    Thanks! And yes it is! I can't believe he is so big. o_o
  6. Unknownhope

    My beardie's size

    My 11 month old is 20 inches long... I hope that replacing your UVB helps out your little one.
  7. Unknownhope

    Trans Babies Hatching, just precious

    More pictures! More pictures! :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:
  8. Unknownhope

    All grown up!

    Bawww!!! How cute!!!
  9. Unknownhope

    Showing off...

    I wanted to show off how big Aiden is now! He was 7 inches and three months old when I got him and he is now 20 inches and 11 months old!!! He is shedding in his most recent pictures with his harness on, but I just cannot believe how big he is!!! Eeeeeeeee!!! When I first got him!: Now!:
  10. Unknownhope

    Petition - Please Read

    Signed! Just 26 more to go!!
  11. Unknownhope

    Fiona's a boy?!

    Yeaaaah. That's most definitely a boy. :(
  12. Unknownhope

    Went Outside first time and HE FLIPPED...

    My poor man runs up to my neck and hides. Cars and birds are VERY scary. He doesn't realize yet that I'd beat the crap out of anything that tried to get him. :)
  13. Unknownhope

    Question for you..

    Alright I'll let her know. Thanks for the fast reply! I appreciate it. :)
  14. Unknownhope

    Question for you..

    Hey guys! I'm not a new bearded dragon owner, however one of my friends is and I've got a question for you. General info: She purchased her first bearded dragon on April 30th. He is about a month and a half old Around 7 inches long Currently in a 20 gallon tank Has a ReptiSUN 10 roughly 5-7...
  15. Unknownhope

    whidby island dragon is here! (ROCKY)

    Is it normal to see a human's ribs and spine stick out like that? NO! So what makes it OK to see it on an animal?! Why are people so dumb these days. It's sad that the vet didn't say anything. Even a non-reptile vet could clearly see that something was wrong with this poor thing.
  16. Unknownhope

    whidby island dragon is here! (ROCKY)

    Oh my dear goodness gracious! That is the worst looking bearded dragon I've ever seen!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!
  17. Unknownhope

    Just a quick hello

    Yaaay! He's adorable! :)
  18. Unknownhope

    Aiden and Bubbie *New Pics 3/3* pg.2

    Decided to post pics of both of my beardies this time. Aiden was getting the spotlight because he was my new addition and I was very excited about him. So now to introduce my other baby, Bubbie. :) I received Aiden in November 2010 from Beth at GreathouseFarms and he is one of Scarlett's...
  19. Unknownhope

    Pics of Mushu(FINALLY)

    Absolutely adorable! :) Love his coloring.
  20. Unknownhope

    Dana <3

    Oh wow! Where did you get her from? Her colors are absolutely gorgeous!
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