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  1. agilitygirl

    Frozen (not freeze-dried) roaches as a staple?

    that is very interesting. Could you just buy your own roaches and crickets and freeze them yourself?
  2. agilitygirl

    Got my second clutch! incubation question

    My beardie laid her second clutch of 16 eggs! (first one only had 3 eggs, 2 infertile and other did not make it out of the egg) Anyways I have some questions. I want the temp to be 84 degrees inside the incubation. If I put the thermometer right next to the eggs inside the bin, I get it to be...
  3. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    She laid eggs! That was a big surprise. :o The humidity is about 95% :shock: how can I lower it?
  4. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    OK well...3 weeks ago they mated! But she is not showing any signs of pregnancy, should I put them together again?
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  6. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    Thanks again. :D
  7. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    For the egg laying medium, I have a 50lb bag of play sand and a 16qt bag of soil. This is the soil: The ingredients are sphagnum peat moss, composed dark fines, pasteurized...
  8. agilitygirl

    What to do when your dragon lays eggs - Tutorial

    Thank you so much for writing this! So its ok to use just sand for the egg laying material? I found some 50lb bags at lowes but they had tiny pebbles in them, is that ok? Should I use all 50lbs? Thanks!!
  9. agilitygirl

    Feeding FRENZY! (Will my baby over-eat?)

    That is good, means he is healthy. Growing babies are supposed to eat a lot to keep up with their rapid growth. :D
  10. agilitygirl

    i hate crickets! help!!!

    After I gave my dragons roaches, they never ate another cricket again. :P
  11. agilitygirl

    Live vs. Canned

    They were Zoo med can o crickets. I am never buying canned food from them again. Fluckers has freeze dried insects, they look a lot better.
  12. agilitygirl

    Live vs. Canned

    I bought some canned crickets before. They were black, sticky and smelled rotten. I did not even give it to Zeke, it was to nasty. :shock:
  13. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    Ok great! Can I use vermiculite when she is laying her eggs? Or is soil better?
  14. agilitygirl

    whos youre favorite breeder?

    WOW where dragons dwell has some AMAZING citrus and red dragons! They put my dragons to shame. :P
  15. agilitygirl

    quick question....

    Thanks! :D I am ordering some horn worms right now. I just woke them up today, I am thinking waiting 3 weeks. Do you think it is worth giving her a pinky mouse? When would be a good time to feed it to her? (after or before she lays the eggs) I heard it was good for them after they have laid...
  16. agilitygirl

    Zeus's Thread peaches laid

    AWWW he is so cute! :D
  17. agilitygirl

    My DIY cage!

    I thought I would post a pic of my cage! It is 72x36x18, it has a cage divider in the middle. This is when I just set it up. I will post another pic of it not tomorrow! :D
  18. agilitygirl

    quick question....

  19. agilitygirl

    whos youre favorite breeder? they usually have new babies every week.
  20. agilitygirl

    whos youre favorite breeder?

    I like Dachiu dragons, they have a good selection and they have good prices. That is were I got Zeke!
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