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  1. J

    Hornworms got huge

    I bought a bunch of hornworms recently from a breeder I have dealt with in the past. They arrived safe, so on and so forth. I must have been taking pretty good care of them because now some of them are huge. Not just huge but HUGE. As in bigger than my thumb huge. My beardie is just over two...
  2. J

    Swollen Toe

    I just looked at my beardie's toe and it's very very swollen, I'm not sure why or what to do about it. I'll do my best to attach a picture. Side note, there are tiny black dots on his scales in random spots, any ideas on what those might be?
  3. J

    A week without eating

    Thanks. I've read through about a billion posts about this, but all of them seem to have babies or juveniles, and I hadn't heard of any of them going over a week without eating. He's skipped a few days before, but not like this. But thanks for letting me know it's normal. I'll keep offering...
  4. J

    A week without eating

    I've had Hermes for over a year, and he's about a year and a half old. He hasn't eaten in a week. He wouldn't even eat any strawberries, which are his favorite. He ate a couple of pieces of kale yesterday, but he refuses to even acknowledge the dubia, even when I hold them in front of him. I...
  5. J

    Eating less, pooping infrequently

    Oh good. I was getting concerned. But I thought that 1 year old was still too young to brumate...? I've read that article, but I'll read it again. Thank you! I was really nervous that maybe he ate a hair or something else equally horrifying and it was making him sick. I'm glad to know it's...
  6. J

    Eating less, pooping infrequently

    Before I launch into a description of my problem, I'm going to list my viv specs: 4x2x18 homemade enclosure Tile Floors Reptisun 10.0 Clear household heat bulb temps: 70 at the coldest spot (sorry, I don't have a second lamp to heat the cool side of the tank) 100-125 right under the bulb 82-85...
  7. J

    Keep my colony?

    I started a dubia colony in November and started with 50 females, 20 males, and a TON of little babies. However, I've sorely neglected the colony these past two months or so because school got suddenly very demanding, I started a new job, etc. That being said, I only have a month left of school...
  8. J

    Tiny worms in dubia bins?

    They don't look fuzzy, if I was to describe them, they almost seem crunchy. I know that's not a real description, but they're barely a 1/4 inch long and black, I am a little too grossed out by them to take a closer look
  9. J

    Tiny worms in dubia bins?

    I did a quick search on this topic and found a thread, but I couldn't really discern a straight answer. I'm raising my own dubia, and there are tiny black worms in the breeder bin, and since I separated out a few recently, now there are some in my feeder bin. Is this going to hurt my dragon...
  10. J

    dubia encouragement

    The past three weeks have been absolutely nuts for me (I've barely had time to feed my dragon, much less try to take care of the colony I started) and so I haven't opened the bin in a little over two weeks. I finally opened it today to give them some food and water, and I found some tiny black...
  11. J

    Shedding Question (Pics)

    It looks like it's just shedding. Give him baths every day to help keep him hydrated and just watch very closely. Don't try to pull off the skin because that can damage the scales underneath and really hurt (think of a peeling sunburn, it really hurts when you pull at the skin) Keep a close eye...
  12. J

    Another poop question

    So, I know that beardie's poop is supposed to be semi-solid, but lately my dragon's poops have been very wet (as in, small puddle) and his actual poop is extremely mushy and blob-like. His temps are 100-110 at the front of his basking spot, 10.0 reptisun, and I feed him dubia that I dust every...
  13. J

    Working on a Dubia How-To guide

    Bump :blob5: Does this answer some people's questions or am I way off the mark? I'm still pretty new to the dubia breeding scene myself, but if anyone has input I'd love to hear it
  14. J

    How strong are these guys?

    I'll never forget the day my beardie, (8 inches then) leapt off my three-foot desk because he was trying to jump up onto my tissue box and across the 7 inch gap to where his enclosure is. When he tried to jump onto the tissue box, his feet couldn't grip, and he slid cartoon-style across the box...
  15. J

    Moving.. need to take my Beardie with me.

    The small box should be fine. I use a small tote bag that I line with soft towels if I have to take my beardie away for a weekend (and I usually use handwarmers wrapped in towel since it's so cold here). But your beardie will be fine for a day or two without UV, unless it's above 85 in which...
  16. J

    Spot clean on carpet?

    But won't that make my whole room smell like vinegar?
  17. J

    Spot clean on carpet?

    What do you guys suggest to spot clean floor carpet where my dragon poops? Right now I have some "Nature's Miracle" spray cleaner, but I don't know if that works for basically disinfecting my carpet. It's probably my own dumb fault for letting him run around on my floor when I know he has to...
  18. J

    Working on a Dubia How-To guide

    Hello All, I started work on a How-To guide for breeding Dubia roaches as an all-in-one guide for beginners. I am still new at this myself, so please feel free to comment and correct anything as well as adding information you think would be important. Anything with a * is information I either...
  19. J

    feeding fruits

    To be quite honest, I think of it like children. All of those "occasional" fruits and veggies are basically like different kinds of candy. Every candy is unhealthy in one way or another, so feeding a child a different candy every day is still feeding them candy. Three or four times a week, you...
  20. J

    Need opinions ASAP

    I have been in this exact situation more than once (because I am terrible at planning), and my beardie seems okay. I try really hard not to feed too many, but sometimes he would give me the sad-mummy-I'm-still-hungry eyes and I would give in and give him a couple more. I remember reading that...
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