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  1. Meginsanity

    Acting odd around new food?

    Thanks joshjack90. I looked at the nutrition chart and superworms are less fatty than waxworms (which she never gets very often), but still fatty, so I'll cut down on the amount she gets. I'll probably try withholding supers/waxes for awhile and see how it works. My concern, though, is that...
  2. Meginsanity

    Acting odd around new food?

    I have a beardie who is about 1.5 years old. Up till about six months ago she would eat her greens along with crickets, superworms, etc. just fine. However for the past few months all she will eat is superworms and waxworms. She won't touch her veggies or crickets. I'm going to try gutloading...
  3. Meginsanity

    Baby Beardie two feet became different color. Pls Help!!!

    The first pic makes me think he either stepped in something like a strawberry or a raspberry, or maybe the top part of his arm is fading in order to shed. Or maybe he even shed his front feet very quickly if it looks like 'new' skin.
  4. Meginsanity

    Post your spikes!

    Spikes are one of my favorite things about beardies. I saw a baby beardie in the pet store that had tons of spikes, it was adorable :) Here's Loki: After Bath (Cellphone Pic) by StarsApart, on Flickr
  5. Meginsanity

    beardies interacting with other pets

    Aww, your dog and beardie are so cute :) Your post reminded me of this Youtube video. It's not my beardie and cat, but the cat in the video looks a lot like mine & it is such a cute video: My cat pretty much ignores my beardie except to give her the...
  6. Meginsanity

    Normal shedding behavior?

    Putting his tongue out could have been him trying to lick you (to 'smell' you essentially, and confirm you are who he thinks you are) or just licking water off his nose from the spray. I've had my bearded dragon over a year and she still licks me on occasion when I put my hand in her tank. I...
  7. Meginsanity

    House trained Beardies??

    I don't think most of them would go back in their viv to do their business because like many animals they don't like defecating where they eat/sleep/live. However, my beardie Loki very often goes in the same spot when she goes (whether in her viv or out). Beardies may also go while they are...
  8. Meginsanity

    Ridge; my tail-less wonder!

    Oh, what a cutie! Like the others I love that last picture :D
  9. Meginsanity

    Before and After pics! Let's see em! :D

    Here's Loki when I first got her, June 13th, 2010: A month later (July 2010), sleepy & cuddled in her hammock: Looking pretty in October 2010: And finally, July 8, 2011:
  10. Meginsanity

    Why is my MALE digging? Now with pics of his "downstairs"

    Your pics look just like my girl's lady bits... good luck! :)
  11. Meginsanity

    Besides paper towel and tiles....what else?

    I'm not sure what the paper pellet things would be but you could also try reptile carpet. I was having the same problem with Loki moving paper towels and put carpet down and it doesn't move at all. Are you sure Maxymus is a boy? Just wondering if he could have eggs.
  12. Meginsanity

    Why is my beardie sleeping like this?

    LOL, like a starfish! It cracks me up the positions they will sleep in. My own Loki usually stays horizontal at least, but I've seen that position before.
  13. Meginsanity

    Cuttlefish bone?

    I keep a cuttlefish bone ( in my leopard tortoise's tank for him to gnaw on if he wants. He completely ignores it, but today my beardie was exploring and got curious about the tortoise's tank. I let her in to explore, and she spotted the cuttlebone and got...
  14. Meginsanity

    Do you have a great reptile vet?

    I take Loki and my leopard tortoise Genbu to the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital: Loki has seen both Dr. Wright and Dr. Johnson, they're both very good & knowledgeable. (Dr Wright is especially good with reptiles & amphibians.) They are very good.
  15. Meginsanity

    Trying to get away from me

    How old is Chimi? How big is he? How are you getting Chimi/holding him? Beardies can take time to get used to people, and they need to be approached gently. Try petting Chimi (run your finger along his back, stroke his beard and the top of his head, etc) before picking him up. When picking him...
  16. Meginsanity

    Acting CRAZY...coming into spring?

    My girl is doing that too, and she is about one year old. No black beard but she's doing everything else you described. I think Loki looks really cute right now with her pretty vibrant colors. Of course, her tank is not looking so beautiful at the moment... :)
  17. Meginsanity

    Can I Feed my Baby Beardie Zoo Med ReptiCricket

    Until she decided she hated crickets (about 4 months ago), Loki got mostly canned crickets. I'd give her the canned ones daily & live ones a couple times a week to keep her active and interested in them. She is now almost a year old and healthy and robust. If you don't want crickets running...
  18. Meginsanity

    Scratching the glass?

    When my beardie does this, it usually means she's about to shed, needs to poo (she'll poop immediately if I let her out) or wants to run around :)
  19. Meginsanity

    puffing beard then quicklyretracting it

    It's like their morning exercises! :) My beardie does it too, almost every morning. I'm almost sure it's just stretching.
  20. Meginsanity

    Beardie's fall asleep every which way,I want pics!

    Here's Loki... she was exploring the couch the other night & put her head under the blanket and fell asleep! Her new thing is curling up in her greens dish and falling asleep that way. I haven't gotten a pic of that yet. :D
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