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    Half/part bioactive enclosures?

    Anyone use a half or 2/3 bioactive set-up (with tile or silicone or something else on the other side). I am thinking about doing this but can't for the life of me think of a good way to build a separator wall to keep the bioactive substrate contained. So looking for ideas. :-) Would also love to...
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    Interior basking bulb/lamp suggestions

    It is a Symton 4x2x2 so I believe that is 120 gal?
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    Comment by 'thelawgoddess' in media 'Enclosure'

    What fixture are you using for the basking bulb?
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    Interior basking bulb/lamp suggestions

    Hi. :) I am getting my daughter's beardie enclosure set up--it will be our first so we are newbies. We have been doing research and want to get the enclosure set up before we look for the dragon. The enclosure is a Symton 4x2x2. I ordered an Arcadia Ceramic Reflector - 8" and an Arcadia Solar...
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    Comment by 'thelawgoddess' in media 'big boy tank.jpg'

    What size are those reflector lamps?
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