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    ZiaDragon's Legacy Uploads

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    Best online website for buying feeders?

    I have been ordering both Crickets and BSFL from Amazon. The BSFL are from Josh's Frogs, who have very good customer service, and the Crickets from 'VM Feeders'. They ship Mon- Wednesday, and shipping reliably takes 2 - 3 days. I have been ordering to New Mexico during the summer, and have had 4...
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    New Beardy owner uv light question for 40 gallon gank

    I think we have the exact same tank/kit. I bought mine from petsmart about 2 months ago. I ditched the UV that came with that kit, and went for a 24in reptisun tube. I bought a cheap 'under cabinet light fixture' from walmart for 10 bucks and mounted it inside the tank with command strips. I...
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    Climbing wall, too close to UV?

    Just a quick update: Thanks for the input guys! So, the day after I posted this, my basking bulb went out. The bulb came apart from the base. :banghead: Ugh!! I went out and bought a 100watt zoomed basking bulb and it is just a slight bit stronger than the old one, and voila! It now averages...
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    Climbing wall, too close to UV?

    Thanks for your reply! I have fiddled endlessly with the height/heat, adding books under her old rock (before I made her the new one) and I found that she didn't like it much above 108. Even at 108, she opens her mouth fairly often, which is a sign of being too hot? I will try adding something...
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    Climbing wall, too close to UV?

    Hello all. I'm a newbie dragon owner, but I have been trying my best to do right and set up her viv perfectly. It's been a trying process for sure. Not knowing any better, I originally bought a 40gal kit on sale. I have since replaced the junk compact UV with a Reptisun 10.0 24in. T8 bulb that...
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    Our Newest Family Member <3

    Thank you for the welcome! And thank you JessPets, names are hard, aren't they? It only took us 2 weeks to come up with one. :lol:
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    Our Newest Family Member <3

    Hello everyone, so here is the tale of how my family and I came to welcome Zia into our crazy little household. We were strolling through Petsmart about 3 weeks ago, when my 6yr old stopped and lit up like a Christmas tree. She had spotted about 5 baby dragons, dancing around in their...
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