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    Building a big stackable 7x2x2 enclosure

    I see you mention fixtures for basking lights and CHE but I don't see one for a UVB tube? What are you using for that? The seriously looks like a nice enclosure and I may copy some of that (on a smaller scale - I don't have 6'8" of room to work with!).
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    my dragons diet, for those who dont care for live feeders

    I'm by no means an expert, or even consider myself slightly above beginner, but I'd caution against equating a big belly with being signs of a healthy diet. Food items can be unhealthy for a lizard in the long run but still lead to weight gain and healthy appearance in the present; much like...
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    So confused about my Paarthurnax's diet..

    My beardie just turned 4 months yesterday and sounds a lot like the original poster's. She'll eat 8-13 crickets once a day but the rest of the day if I offer them, she'll just close her eyes and pretend they aren't there. Every now and then I'll see her nibbling on her veggies (collards, green...
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