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    Courtship, or just hostility?

    There wasn't any bleeding or even a puncture wound where he had bitten her. She's actually much bigger than him, she was a rescue that was in pretty rough shape (malnutrition, calcium deficiencies, tapeworms) and we've had her since May, now she's really flourishing. I kept them COMPLETLEY...
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    Courtship, or just hostility?

    Haven't been on in a while, and now I have a question! Besides the typical black-bearding and arm waving that beardies display when they are aroused, does the male usually bite down on the female's neck (in my case this afternoon, her cheek) in his attempt to mount her? Today Bentley scared me...
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    Popeye needs to lose weight!

    Bentley is 20" long and my herp lady says he's absolutely perfect, no excess fat or problems. I haven't gotten the tape measure out for Popeye yet but I definitely know he's a couple inches shy of his new brother and looks like he could eat him no problem! Its also really sad to try and watch...
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    Reptile Rescue Train

    I'm available in the Northen California area if anyone needs me! Sacto where you at :wink: haha
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    Popeye needs to lose weight!

    Hey all, I just took in a rescue this afternoon named Popeye, and my herp expert says he's loaded with problems: calcium deficiencies, roundworms, not to mention the fact he's been kept in a 30 gallon tank in an elderly couple's garage all his life! They didn't know how old he was or what his...
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    Bentley's grown up!

    Bought him when he was a tiny little guy in mid-December, now he's pushing 20 inches and his coloration is really coming along nicely. He impresses our family herp vet every month with his charms :wink: haha And now that I look at it, his forehead darkened slightly probably because I pulled...
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    How painfull is an adult BD's BITE?

    For little guys, beardies sure can pack a punch! Bentley loves his calcium powder, and I was letting him lick it off the tip of my index finger and he got a little overzealous! It broke maybe a single skin cell but I was just shocked more than anything, their jaws are really powerful for such...
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    I've checked this thread every day since April 2nd, sad to see there's been no luck yet :cry: I actually woke up this morning and checked in pronto because I had a weird feeling there'd be some good news waiting... Mine and Bentley's thoughts and prayers are with you Sandy! :blob5:
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    Mr. Panda

    Bentley also has a panda in his viv! I think they're the secret weapon to winning a beardie's heart :study:
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    Potty training!

    His run in with Hookworms a couple months ago and the antibiotics our local herp vet gave for them really messed with his digestive system, I'm guessing, so that's why we developed this routine. Or, maybe he just enjoys a daily soak courtesy of momma! :lol:
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    TAIL CURL: What does it mean? (Pics inside)

    Bentley's tail is like a pipe-cleaner, he lets me shape it and he holds the shape! :D
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    Missing Beardie..And the Story of Her Rescue

    "DONT SHOW ME YOUR BEARD!" - favorite part Yaaayy Polly!! :P
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    Potty training!

    I set Bentley on on my bathroom counter top and begin to fill his large tupperware bath bin with warm water in the sink. He instantly knows the sound of the running water, and climbs down the edge of the sink and in to his bath! After some submerging and swimming around like a spiky Michael...
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    Help on friend's iguana?

    I've had a good friend for several years now, and back in December around the same time I bought my baby beardie she was given a baby green iguana for Christmas. I've spent countless hours researching and talking to people about the best way to raise my sandfire Bentley, and now he's a happy...
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    Bedtime Routines

    What does everyone do for their dragons when its time to go to sleep? I take Bentley out and let him roam my room about an hour before I go to bed, and he'll usually find an article of clothing to dig in to and fall asleep in. When I'm ready to turn out the lights, I pick him up in his...
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    Bearded Dragon Sticking Out Tongue

    That's just Carth tasting his surroundings! Its a cute little mannerism of beardies, isn't it? :wink:
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    Anyone had their timers not switch off over night by acciden

    I too wonder about their sleeping habits; whether or not Bentley's awake when I'm leaving for school at 6:30 in the morning, I switch all his lamps on. From what I gather they'll sleep as long as they want, he'll be snuggled up in his blanket when I wake up and go and when I return home around...
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    Anyone else's beardie do this while shedding?

    Yup, Bentley is a wriggler too! Except he does it on the granite counter tops in the kitchen where its cool and textured on his belly :lol:
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    "MOM!!!!!!!! I'm STUCK!!!"

    Ohhh chubby girl! What a looker :P
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    Wrinkle question.

    Bentley's got the same thing, from what I gather its just excess skin. Your little guy is too cute, btw! :mrgreen:
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