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    Hey All Snow Beardies

    TY all for saying it was cute... And also they where not outside for more than five min. and ty for letting me know about the dangers. They went from my jacket, to the pose, 2 snapshots and then back inside. Neighbors must of been WTH? 0o .
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    Hey All Snow Beardies

    X-mas pictures Baxter I am so planning my escape Bella I can't get my log to go down the hill
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    New Owners here any Input would be great!

    Here is my 2 cents, Spinach very bad, and if i could find there is a very nice list on these boards that tells you all the foods to feed them. (maybe some body will see this and send u link) Baths warm water like u would put a baby in or a little warmer, we make ares deep enough to where the...
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    so very excited!!!

    Hey all, It seemed like a little debate about the doors for vivs like plexy or glass. Here is my 2 cents, I work in the glass industry, Plate glass can be dangerous because if it breaks it is generally in big sharp peices.(but cheaper and most places have it like Lowes and Homedepot) Tempered...
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    Petting and Holding

    Bella likes her head to be petted but not her chin. Baxter loves his chin and head to be petted, but hates his feet to be touched. So pretty much, what you can do is just try different things often they may take a liking to it and might not. Welcome to the mysterious world of beardies.
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    beardie not happy in his cage?

    It could of been just a cage change thing ( Like hey wth) and will agree sand is bad to... but what I have done for my female and she luves it, was put a aluminum cooking dish in filled with play ground sand (like for cooking turkeys) and she will get in there and scratch around and dig and...
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    A little bit of everything

    How old is your beardie. My one female is very picky and goes through stages of what she likes and doesn't. We feed crickets, roaches, superworms, and all sorts of veggies. May want to try different veggies find something they like. Which is a little frustrating, but what makes it worth it is...
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    Cost of feeding....

    My male eats 30-35 crickets a day I get 80 crickets from Petco every 2nd day or so. There about $9.00 every time thats about $135 month. Still working on getting the roache colony up. But will say I luv the roaches no smell.
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    Beardie thanksgiving

    This will be the BD's dragon Thanksgiving Dinner. Start out with Slightly dusted crickets stuffed with greens and protein Main course Warmed Dubias with a side salad of fresh Collards, carrots, and butternut squash And for Dessert Blueberry alamode
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    something new!

    I LOVE Juuji Fruit :)
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    I am soooo angry!!!

    Hey Boxerlvr Good job on just standing up and saying something and sticking out what you did was very cool and we all know Petsmart and the others all suc at the little animals department. Thats all I wanted to say thank you for getting pissy :)
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    Baxter and Bella precent and accounded for, My fellow comradez. We haves my hoomans rite were wez want them. The male hoomans byz us fresh bugz every dayz and I even got the female hooman to grow me roaches in the houze. I sneak in and get more when there not looking. Haha It geting cold here...
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    I'm new to this forum stuff

    He still looks good for a rescue, but a little unhealthy, the arms look a bit skinny (no muscle mass). Might want to take to a vet might have a bit of a bacteria overload. Not expensive but just time consuming. Have to give meds every few days. A fecal will tell you whats wrong. Beardies should...
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    Handling questions... Mine aparently hates it

    In most baby animals it is in there nature to either run or hide to survive... beardies run :) Try to hold them when you can if they get stressed put them back or just sit with them while there in there viv. On my rescue he would flinch or jerk or puff up at every time we would come close but...
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    Can a beardie co-exist with a another reptile?

    Agree with Pog and Jes. Eating to survive and eating for sport is what makes it wrong.The owner clearly was doing it for sport. Every animal has the ability to know when to run when needed. The anole was not given the chance to flee. So that's what made it wrong.
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    Brumated yet? :)

    My oldest female is in and out will eat sometime and we are keeping an eye on her weight to make sure she is doing well. but not in full blown brumation our first time as well The funny part is she is eating less and still gaining a gram or so in weight .
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    My dragons, which morphs are they?

    Sandfire could be in the parents blood line they just sell the less colored ones to the pet stores. But will agree with the others and yes all very cute :)
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    Fecal tests, how long should it take?

    Ours can be done while we wait if our beardies are with us, if we just drop off might be a day but would still be less than 24 hrs. Wow $70 seems a bit high. Also waiting longer you run the risk of them getting an accurate test result back. They moment the poo is out of them the stuff there...
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    Not all Beardies brumate,right???

    I don't know the reason but was told by the breeder we bought our beardie from. 1yr and younger said stay awake for brumation season. Here is my guess, since they are young and do not have a lot of body fat because of growing there is not much for them to really survive on. Once they get out of...
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    Preparing for brumating/winter

    Want to add my 2 cents ... just want to say if you want to worry about anything make sure they stay hydrated in the wild they can absorb water through there vent but in closed environment a little bit harder to do, so a bowl of water or a couple baths a week. Water more important than food at...
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