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    Beardie with Intention Tremors. CBD seems to work??

    Giving the fact that a year has passed since your initial post, I would like to get an update on how does your boy Malachi feels right now? I hope he is ok. I've never heard about beardies having head tremors before. There is a possibility that it could come from the translucent gene, indeed...
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    Tea tree oil accident! Please help! :'(

    Hey, how is your dragon now? I hope that he is better now. I feel very sorry for what happened and believe me you are not to blame here. You know recently we updated our garden with new thujas. I have a friend who found the thuja green giant for sale and shared this news with us. Of course, we...
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    6 month old sitting with front legs in water..

    Hi, I'm new here, so maybe the others will give you some more information, but I think it is something normal, she is exploring the new surrounding. This is good she is interested :wink:
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