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    squamata's Legacy Uploads

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  11. squamata

    Hello! From the (not so sunny) UK!

    Hey! Bit late but I'm also from the UK in Liverpool, previously Southampton/The Isle of Wight. Glad to see some UK representing here! :blob5:
  12. squamata

    Pacman frog brumation disturbed

    Hello! I think I've accidentally disturbed my pacman's frog brumation. He refused the last couple of feeds which is not unusual for him. Although I didn't think he was in brumation. Yesterday I had a new setup ready for him, so went to move him into the new viv. As I did I found that his back...
  13. squamata

    Stunted Growth

    Thanks! If you read the post above yours, you'll see that I increased the basking spot to 41C and increased the UVB light time. I always feed them separately and they have always lost interest before the 15 minutes are up. I feed them one at a time outside of their tank. Thanks for your...
  14. squamata

    just got a new baby and it has YF.

    Backwater Reptiles have an extremely bad reputation amongst exotic pet owners. Would not recommend for anyone.
  15. squamata

    Stunted Growth

    Picture time! Hope I get this right - Female's setup: Since this picture, there's also a sand bath (I don't feed them in it) and a small fabric bed. I also used regular paper in the pic because I ran out of newspaper. There is a water bowl at the front of the tank that you can't really see...
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