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    What is your bearded dragon's name?

    I have Tigger,Crunch,Diabla,Freddy Krueger,LemonHead,Zeus,Chowder,Butters,Tiramisu,Mordecai,MelloYello,Jasmine and Apollo :D Come by and chk out some pics of my Pogos.
  2. J

    does anyone know what breederhas the most rare beardies

    Silkies are not that expensive and can be had on the cheap.This is Freddy Krueger. I got this red one ( I Like Red ) for no where near $200......From breeder Gina Gauvin on Facebook.
  3. J

    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    It's cool man. It's shows you have a heart. Last week I lost my English Bulldog to a heart attack and I cried like a baby for a week and wimpered at times at the drop of a dime. I'm 43 and my son and wife have never seen me cry. The dragon is actually doing amazing with Shanny at the rescue...
  4. J

    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    She is with Shanny up at Sweet Dragon Rescue. I spoke with her only once since it's been there. She says she is doing fine. I managed to put 5grams of weight on her while she was with me for about 2 WEEKS . She mentioned that she is eating well and settling in nicely. I will get with her this...
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    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    I have two people that will be going to Repticon in early Feb and can take her up to Shanny at SweetdragonsRescue. She is doing great ....She finally pooped for me after 5 days and she has put on 5 grams =) Hopefully she will continue to improve while in my hands so she is a little stronger for...
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    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    Thank You ...I'm trying my best. I hope I can get her up to the rescue.
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    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    I am in Miami and I had her outside in the 83degree sun most of the day today. She just looked around and took deep breaths. I don't think she had ever been outside in the natural sun. =(
  8. J

    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    Hi, I have given her organic chicken baby food and have given her a small amount of liquid calcium. She drinks from a small drip of water on her own,I dont think she has any teeth. I am super careful with her. I was just trying to show Shanny in the video how flimsy she was and her condition. I...
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    Reptile Rescue Train

    Hi Guys. I just posted something in the Beardie ER section for the beardie I rescued and just saw this. I have the beardie that needs to be transported up to Gainesville FL. I can drive her up to South Palm Beach from Miami ( A little over an hour drive ). She is so fragile and the cutest thing...
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    Somebody Please help me Transport this Girl

    Hi I need to get this girl up North to Shanny at Sweet Dragons Rescue and Rehab. I got this dragon off someone who obviously had no idea what he was doing. Long story, short. I had to pay $40 .This poor dragon feels like a wet noodle. I feel no bones in her. She drinks a tiny bit of water...
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    Lets get our Beardies acquainted! Post a pic of ur Dragon!

    Hi Guys!...its been a while. Some of you might remember me and others wont...Here is my current clan =) This is my new Baby Dunner Stumpy =) Yoshi Jasmine Mordecai
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    Hi! It's been a while =)

    Thank You :)
  13. J


    oh wow...That poor beardie. :cry:
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    Hi! It's been a while =)

    Hi folks. I have been MIA for a bit from here. I have been super busy at work. My son is almost 6 and all he wants to do is play with daddy when I'm awake.( I work Midnights ) My English Bulldog also takes up alot of my time, they are an amazing breed but need tons of attention. I wanted to...
  15. J

    Youngest bd's length

    =) Thanks for the roaches
  16. J

    Hey Barbara

    I was surfing on YouTube and came across this video where they mentioned you along with Zak & Weezy. Have you ever seen this before? :D
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    Opinions on my beardie's looks?

    I agree with Tom...He looks a little dark to me. How warm is his tank? He should be nice and bright in his tank.
  18. J

    My beardie needs a friend

    He is best left alone. They are solitary creatures. A Sav monitor when large enough can see a smaller dragon as food/prey. Uro's require much higher temps than bearded dragons.Skinks are ground dwellers who like to burrow and hide. They all have individual needs. Your dragon does not need a friend.
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    Walking on ankles? :(

    Also. Besides the type of UVB bulb. How old is the bulb? Most fluorescent bulbs need to be changed out every 6 months.
  20. J

    Free from PetSupermarket

    I took it upon myself to send an email along with pictures to the corporate office for Petsupermarket. I named names and told them exactly how it went down and how I acquired it. It's amazing to me that they employ people who are grossed out by the animals they sell. This woman wanted nothing...
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