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    Looking to adopt in South Jersey

    Hello I just read your post, I have 2 beautiful bearded dragons that need a home their forever mom can no longer take care of them. They are a Orange 7/8 yrs and a Citrus Tiger 5/6 yrs. They are healthy and love to be held and know their names Remy is the Orange and Lizardo is the Tiger. If you...
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    HELP! Beardie ate TWO PIECES of DOG FOOD!

    It's so ok... my two beardie run right for the cat food... silly hearing it crunch... they are hungry
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    My rescue Beardies are so smart...

    I have been a beardie momma for over 12 years... I have learned their little pea brain is so smart... I let my two rescues out for 5 hours a day... they have free roam of my first floor which is vast...Jupiter never poops in her tank always waits to get out then poops on my kitchen rug lol...
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    Possible Impaction?

    Tank is too hot...take that long bulb out use a dome on one side the other needs to be cool so he can escape the heat
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    Doesn’t want to stay inside tank

    My dragons roam my house daily. If I don't let them out they are mad at me.
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