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    No poo

    how long are you bathing her? it usually takes my francie 15-20min in her bath before she will poo. start the water about the same temp as your wrist and let her bath for about 15, as the water gets colder she should poo. if the problem continues i would suggest you take her to a herp vet.
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    Sterilizing rocks?

    That seems like a lot of work. Really, all i use is Wipe out 1 its a disinfectant specifically for terrariums, you can find it at petsmart, petco, or really any other pet store. it comes in a 8.75FL OZ spray bottle with a green liquid in it. it uses Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride to...
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    Hello all!

    Hello! I'm new to the site, tho my girlfriend has been coming here for info for a couple months. I'm the proud parent of a 9 month(roughly) female beardie. she was about 16 inches when i last measured her. Her name is Francie, it was francois because we originally thought she was a boy, but now...
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    Getting a Beardie FINALLY!

    normally adults eat 80% greens and 20% protien. turnip greens and collard greens are good. my little girl loves dandelion greens. try to stay away from kale, iceberg and romain lettuce. they dont provide enough vitamins. the dragon is beautiful! congrats. :)
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