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    Picking a Uromastyx Need help.

    So my wife and I have talked about adding a Uromastyx to our collection but I have been reading a lot about all the different Uros and I see not all need the same care. So wanted to post this question here before we buy any animals. This is not our first reptile we have been keeping Bearded...
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    Leaving my beardies for 2 weeks.

    It is good you will be boarding them 2 weeks is a long time. Depending on the age the food won't be a huge issue BD do go a while some times with out food in the wild. But water would be a issue I wouldn't do more then 4 days and that is with leaving water in the enclosure(but ours normally...
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    Pet store confusion?

    I feed meal worms to all my reptiles (well not the tortoise) but I also feed crickets and super worms too. Like Gail said meal worms don't have the best nutrition and I think that is why many people are against them but as long as you gut load and dust they will do fine. You will also be feeding...
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    Basking in the Sunlight

    We have a few different types of reptiles and while they do have some differences there are some things in common also. Our tortoise for example is recommend that they bask in the sun light outside. He is kinda slow so we don't have to worry to much about him running away. :D So this got me...
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    Leaving for three days?

    When we go on vacation we will feed a little heavier for a few days before we go, the day we leave we fill up the bowl and we get back offer worms or crickets. In your case if he isn't eating really good I would fill the bowl with his salad and if your friend could change it while your gone...
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    beardie coloring

    Very nice colors not sure what it would be called. He is a great looking guy for sure.
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    UVB bulb question

    Thanks for the link, it took a while to read thru the reports there is a lot of info. With that info being from 2007 it is more up to date than the books I have for sure. I use books for a base line of information and as I gain experience I adjust my methods. I have learned not to trust the...
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    UVB bulb question

    Thanks for that info. I thought my info could be out of date. Do you have a source for the new information?
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    UVB bulb question

    I was wondering why so many people online say the compact UVB are bad? All the books on bearded dragons I have read suggest the compact UVB bulbs. But most people online are saying not to use them. I know the books I have read are a 5-10 years old so not the most up to date, is there some new...
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    Help-need insulation tips

    It sounds like the heat from the lower light is getting caught in the enclosure. I can see two options to fix that, First is to adjust the light so it gives off less heat then you would have less going up to the one above. But this will also adjust the basking spot so might not work. Second...
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    Wow, what a difference!

    Do you have any photos while building the enclosure? I'm wanting to build one my self but not sure what is the best way yet. I thought about building them a separate enclosures and stack them on top of each other that would allow me to move them around. But I could build them as one large unit.
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    Wow, what a difference!

    Those are some nice enclosures. Did you use glass or plexi for the front? I want to build something very similar but plexi will double the cost of the build so not sure I want to use that. Glass is cheaper but then you have the issue of glass and risk of breaking.
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    Basking Light Help Needed

    I like the Exo terra bulbs, most of mine are 75watt they last a long time and give off great heat. As far as fixtures a nice one will help your light last longer and focus the heat down. I have used the 8.5" dome lights for years but I have changed to the 5" National Geopraphic lights from...
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    If he is basking in both lights he should be fine. I do like my UVB to be in the center of the tank I feel it allows them to get more out of the light. As far compact UVB all the books I have read say they are just fine but I know online people say they don't work. I don't know who is right, I...
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    $1 per gallon sale at petco!

    I keep thinking I should buy a few 40g for future dragons. I don't need them now but I do plan on getting a few more at the show next month. I don't think I ever saw 75g at petco but we have a place called uncle bills (small chain store) they do include the 75g on their sales. But they don't...
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    Longest lasting basking bulb

    We buy Exo Terra 75 watt bulbs they last us over a year normally. Every year I replace ours bulbs and I put the used ones in the cabinet for a back up in case one gets broken. The most common cause for breakage for us is moving the light while it is on or before it cools off. We have moved all...
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    Mercury vapor bulb and Heat lights with Dimmers

    Thanks for that info I will keep those in mind. On my gecko rack I have a house dimmer switch wired in so I can adjust the heat tape to get the temps correct for the bins. I was thinking of doing the same sort of setup just to adjust the hot spot.
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    What got you into bearded dragons?

    My wife got me started. She had wanted a Bearded dragon for a while and did all the research to know what all they need and mothers day we went and got her our first one. It didn't take long and the whole family got hooked. We even took him on vacation a few times. So I guess you can say my...
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    What is a good weight for a dragon?

    Thanks for the info glad to know I'm not crazy, well on this anyway. He is 364 grams and yes if he was up around 400 I would bet he would look pretty fat. Just seeing the weight I think he is going to be kinda skinny but when you add the length it does fit him well.
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    Indiana Bearded Dragon Community

    Any groups not based around face book? I'm not on face book so it would be nice to find a group not based there.
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