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    Hand-held vac?

    I use the hose on my dyson. You'd think the noise would freak them out, but they don't care. They just give me a look like "Yeah, 'bout time!"
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    Dragons are like cats, we don't train them, they train us.
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    Colors beardies see

    They definitely do see colors without a doubt. Dragons trying to eat objects that are the same color of their favorite food is a common behavior that owners see. As far as which colors they hate or like? I think that might be individual. One of my dragons likes green, and the other likes...
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    Is Bearded Dragon Cohabitation A Good Plan?

    I think explaining the difference between social and non-social animals from a biological point of view might be helpful. And I would like to apologize in advance because I'm not the most organized thinker, or a very good writer. Social animals are social because it is necessary for them to...
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    How Much Does A Baby Bearded Dragon .....

    You have to be careful with pet stores and other questionable places. They might cost less upfront, but might make up for it later. My $60 dollar dragons cost me several hundred in vet bills in the first months.
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    bad to give beardies.. ?

    yes it can be bad to give them unnecessary medication. They are dependent on friendly flora to digest their food, and antibiotics kills indiscriminately. So give it to them when they don't need it, they'll feel sick to their stomachs and might go off food. never heard of a miggy. but if...
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    Fecal drop-off...issues

    Some vets have a policy of wanting to examine them the first time before a fecal if they've never been there before, but I haven't heard of it being a law. I could see it being a possible liability issue, perhaps they're not technically a patient until they've been seen. My vet has that...
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    can i feed an orange?

    citric acid is hard on their tummies.
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    Fitch's Broken Leg

    Make sure you remove all climbing furniture, and lower the lights accordingly. And I would leave it like that for a few weeks after the cast comes off. Even after injuries are fully healed, the limb will not be as strong as it used to be for a while. It's very easy to reinjure it in the weeks...
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    Is Terri beginning to brumate?

    I'm pretty positive that Bane is brumating. I can share what she's been doing if that helps. It started several months ago she started spending more time on the cool end. I wrote it up to the heat. we had a hard time with temps getting to hot. Her eating decreased, she napped more. At...
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    I just....

    did you know you can buy chocolate covered crickets. . . .
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    Getting meaner

    I have a strange idea I want to throw out. Well strange in that I wouldn't normally recommend it. Its a huge maybe, it might help, or might make it worse idk. What if we could hit a reset button? Between moving and her new home being busier, maybe it's just too much for her at once. What...
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    Rocks from ocean?

    same thing. baked wood makes your house smell like you have a fireplace :) I prefer anti-bacterial soap for wood. I'm not sure how correct it is though, but I haven't had any problems. I just worry about bleach being absorbed into the wood and not getting it all out. I thought soap if...
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    3' T8 Flourescent strip, where to get?

    I found mine on amazon. They're not pretty, and you have to wire them yourself, but they were cheap. I actually checked at a lighting store in my search. They said those were not a popular size and I would more than likely have to look online, or find a warehouse supply store.
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    UV light question...

    Never heard of that brand. Googling it brings up a lot of household bulbs. I only see stuff about them being daylight rated. That only refers to the amount of visible light they produce. I didn't see anything about uv.
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    Basking Light and Blindness

    Don't worry they won't go blind. They see even more wavelengths than us, which makes our normal household lighting seem dark to them. Just ask yourself, if your tank brighter than outside where their wild brothers and sisters live? The answer is probably going to be no. Then you're fine...
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    Saving Beardies :/

    I stopped looking at that stuff years ago. Sad fact, the world is full of suffering and cruelty, you can't save everyone and everything. There's no point in looking for it, it's just a matter of time before you find something that rips your heart out. My advice, unless you are in a position...
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    Does anyone have a healthy beardie? :P

    yeah, people most often post when they have problems. And very few stick around after their problem is solved. I think it would be safe to assume most long-term posters here have healthy beardies. I have two currently, and after a few rounds of antibiotics for parasites (not uncommon) then...
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    Definitely getting separated

    In most those cases, the animals only tolerated each other. I like to describe it as living with nightmare roommate and are struggling to be civil. They are territorial, see everything as belonging to them and only them and don't want to share. The roomie keeps keeps siting in his chair, eats...
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    Having trouble introducing a female

    Another thing to consider, in the long run, separate vivs are cheaper. A serious injury can cost more to treat than a basic no frills viv. Also, any creatures living close to each other will get each other sick. Just like with your own family or perhaps your job, one person gets sick...
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