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    Hornworm/superworm questions

    Roaches freak me out and I heard silkworms require special care and die quickly, but I'd be open to trying phoenix worms.
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    Hornworm/superworm questions

    So I'm tired of feeding crickets. They smell, they're loud, they die, and they escape. My beardie is about 1 yr old and around 20". Basically, what's a better staple insect (based on healthiness, hardiness, and maitnence) and how often an how much should feed my beardie?
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    A vegi he will love??

    Mine loves blueberries but won't touch melon or anything thats orange.
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    Sterilizing rocks?

    How should I go about it. I'm not going to boil or bake them because they can explode (seriously). I was thinking about soaking them in a bleach solution, but then how long would I have to wait to put them in his cage? Would it be ok if I didn't sterilize them?
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    Feed him out of the cage or dump the crickets in the cage?

    Do you take your beardie out of the cage to feed him or do you dump all your crickets in the cage and let him catch them? I take mine out and I usually end up with an escape every now and then (which sucks), but I'm afraid the crickets would be able to hide if I just dumped them into his cage...
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    Viv pics only thread

    Natty Light!! Hahaha
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    Air temp vs basking spot temp?

    Ok, so I don't have a wal mart within 45 minutes of me, so if I'm out in that area I'll stop by and pick up one of those temp probes. I picked up a 75 watt day time bulb for him yesterday morning and when I held him last night he was cold, so I switched back to the CHE.
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    Air temp vs basking spot temp?

    I'm using a Zilla Desert T8 bulb, my beardie is only a few months old, his main basking spot is about 13-14" from both the UVB and the CHE, and I am using a stick on thermometer. Idk if it makes a difference, but his basking spot is drift wood, so they might not reach the same temps as tile or...
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    Air temp vs basking spot temp?

    The air temp in his tank gets to like 90-95 during the day (on an average day) and like 85 at night. Its gotten up to 110 when its really hot out. I'm using a 150 watt ceramic heater that runs 24/7 and I use a florescent UVB bulb to provide day lighting, and he's in a 55 gallon tank. I was...
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    What do you use to disinfect?

    I made the change over to tile last night (was using repti-carpet) and I need to know what you guys use to disinfect things. The last thing I want is to kill my beardie because I unknowingly used harmful toxins to clean his cage.
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    Belly Patterns :S

    Puff gets them when he's hungry, but after I feed him they go away.
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    All he can eat every other day or X amount per day?

    I throw some collard greens in there every few days. Is that enough? Is there anything I can do for the smell?
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    All he can eat every other day or X amount per day?

    I tried ordering online, but a lot were dead when I got them and the rest died before he could eat them all. Not only that, but they produced a horrible odor.
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    All he can eat every other day or X amount per day?

    I have a baby beardie and I was wondering if I should feed him all the crickets he could possibly eat every other day or if I should give him a set amount of crickets everyday. When I do the every other day thing, he can down about 2 dozen crickets. I can't give him all he can eat everyday...
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    Getting proper lighting in a 55 gallon tank?

    I actually can't because I don't have a digital camera.... How were you able to set it up like that, though? Do you have a screen top?
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    Getting proper lighting in a 55 gallon tank?

    So I have my 55 gallon. Its 48" long, 13" wide, and 18" tall. I have an 18" desert UVB bulb, and a 150 watt ceramic heater. I don't think the temp is getting high enough for a beardie and he needs to be within 12 in of the UVB, which he isn't. Is there any way to fix all this without having to...
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    Will a baby beardie feel "lost" in a big cage?

    I have a 55 gallon, but the guy at the pet store said he'd feel "lost" in it.
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