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    Haha. It took me a while, but I found that sneaky beardie, without the hint, too! how cute!
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    He really looks like he's enjoying that! He might grow up to be a dancer. hehe. look at that extension! It's quite dramatic!
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    Awwww.... look at that leg extension!
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    Yay! Finally got one of Brutus!
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    Viv pics only thread

    Here's the new viv! (Minus the doors in the photos.) Only took me 6 months to finish! (Had to start over in March after the first tank got wet and warped...) And of course the major stink-eye I received after he was put into it:
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    Rex at the vet...

    Awwww! I need to take Brutus to his first vet appt. soon and I can't wait! We'll just do a checkup. Sounds like it was a fun day at the vet! Hoorah!
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    Questions about New Cage

    Hey, my dragon's name is Brutus! haha! He's got a double!
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    Building Crossfire-inspired viv, question about doors

    I agree, but if it's laminated, I don't think it's as bad.
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    I'm A Watch Beardie -- Hear Me Roar!

    I'll say it again, that's hilarious! I keep giggling to myself whenever I return to this thread. Those pesky groundhogs.... hehe...
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    Building Crossfire-inspired viv, question about doors

    Plexiglass is pretty easy to cut. I have a plexi-blade, just like an exact-knife. Use a straight-edge and score it several times, then snap! You can just break it at the score.
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    Stolen in the night

    Maybe you could take a look at the caresheets on other websites for Rankin's/Lawson's dragons. I found one here from a breeder You'll have to do the research to find out what went wrong. We can't really tell you without knowing your setup, husbandry...
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    Newbie with questions

    Hello Sue! Welcome to! I always encourage newcomers to keep coming to this site. The folks on here are SUPER helpful and know so much about dragons. They helped me save my Brutus. Take a look at the Care Sheets located through a link at the top, and the DIY section has great ideas for...
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    Must be doing something right!

    That's great that she's grown so much! Brutus would shed once or twice every month. They sure do grow fast! Persnickety is a great name! Seems to fit her perfectly! hehe.
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    calcium question

    Yep, gotta love!!!
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    Stolen in the night

    Sorry to hear that! She was really teenie for a year old! Have you looked at the Beardie care sheets on this website? Maybe you can get ideas on what went wrong, and prevent the same from happening to Silver Dollar.
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    We're Back!!!! With Pics

    Awwww... Sounds like a fun trip! Maybe I should consider taking Brutus on my vacation.... hmmmm.... Too bad you didn't submit that sleepy photo for the recent sleeping beardies photo contest on I SOOOO would have voted for you! That is an adorable pic! Where'd you get the carrier?
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    I'm A Watch Beardie -- Hear Me Roar!

    Haha. That is so funny! I have a hard enough time finding a reptile vet, let alone a reptile psychologist. Good luck with that one! :lol:
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    Building Crossfire-inspired viv, question about doors

    I couldn't even find glass in hardware stores around my house. Try a Lowes if there is one near you. I found glass and they had complimentary cutting.
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    Went for a Walk

    Yep, I learned the hard way to keep Brutus on a leash if we go outside! the first couple of times, he didn't want to leave my body when we sat out there. But now, he runs into the grass the first chance he gets! He loves it outside!
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    Growing up!

    He'll get more cuddly as he grows older. He does look like his body is fuller compared to the second pic you posted. Great job! You won't believe how fast they grow! It's crazy! And awesome.
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