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    Introducing MiMi's future BD Wife Puffin

    Yh thats gd advice lol. I dnt mind to much its just abit anoyying sometimes. But i will add tht to my tag-line. Thnks
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    Input for a sick Beardie

    it really does sound like brumation...
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    I think Spike is bored - ideas?

    well having another BD will ot make him happy if there both male, and males can and some times do attack females which causes them both stress and so on. i myself have a male and female dragon together (personal choice no comments please) and have found that im very lucky having two dragons that...
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    parasites? Fungus? Death?

    are you serious? dragons have black under there beard and can turn it all black if there moody or cold. also dry skin can be due to shedding which is natural. you BD should be dry not wet, althought you should make sure he/she isn't dehydrated. your dragon looks perfectly healthy and you should...
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    Some seriously bulging eyes

    i'd say its perfectly normal (altho it don't look it). I have two BD's one female about 3 months and one male about 6month. the male i have never seen do it and the female does it every so often, but only for about 5 seconds then she stops. the both puff out there beard and go black sumtimes but...
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    Help! I think my male ATE my BABY

    i agree why would it be so bad to feed a Gecko to a BD ? But then again i think it would proberly be like feeding a BD to a iguana. which isn't funny :x but i think people can do what they want with there pets aslong as its not crewl. nm an....... i do think you baby BD got eaten :? sorry
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    beardie belly is hanging down!

    yh my little female BD is getting a big belly, i feel around her stomach to make sure theres nothing blocked or not moving in there. if you try just feeling around softly you can feel the food on the left side of there stomachs, just make sure its all moving well and theres nothing blocking you...
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    Introducing MiMi's future BD Wife Puffin

    no offence but i'm sick of people who keep trying to say, you shouldn't do this or that. i didn't ask for you oppinion and i now you have the best intentions but i'm getting tired of everyone getting on there high horse and picking at pics and convos to try and make them self out to be briliant...
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    Strange Behavior

    young bds should be given crickets everyday and powders with calcium 5 times a week 1 feed a day. and vitamins 2 days a week veg everyday and worms as tasty treats (very fattening) try hand feeding extra petting an cuddles an let him sleep on a t-shirt or something that smells like you and you...
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    Introducing MiMi's future BD Wife Puffin

    This is puffin, she is 2 months younger than mimi. this is a facial pic of her the day i got her this is puffing on mimi's back chillaxing out for a bit :D Birds eye view of puffin compared to my gf's wrist mimi and puffin together together again Mimi and Puffin, are getting...
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    licking things?

    yh BD's like everything to findout what it is, also if it tastes good there try eat it if its small enought. and if there not sure there lick it again lol, my BD licks everything knew or anything he hasn't already licked. also licks me alot, i think it might be cuz i always smell different so...
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    Sick Beardie

    awww that sounds awful, but im sorry i don't really now. age isn't too bad the can live upto 10years or even more. inpaction usally paralysises back legs, i can ioly ask weather u have taken her to the vet (soz for spelling) it could be MBD which is from no or lack of uvb or calcium or both...
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    Just answer the questions..... Please!

    i agree, people on this site (not everyone) tend to be critical about every question asked instead of answering a question they pick somthing that looks like a problem and dont say it would be better if you do this that way it ensures the health of your BD they straight go NOOO! you doing it...
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    *rope sort thing* typo :(
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    there not expensive? lol, but if you want to make one them you need to use weaving. you could get nylon strings or anyother plastic rob fort thing that are thin. then weave a square, cut one side of then fold the cut edges and ment hte open ends of plastic to the underneath. thats basically what...
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    HELP! I'm new at this!

    how olds your BD? older BD's need to eat less crickets and more greens. too many crickets at a older age can rot there liver due to the protein, a older bearded dragon should be given veg everyday and crickets no bigger than the space inbettween there eyes 3 times a week. also most worms should...
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    Just answer the questions..... Please!

    amen to this post.... i was just about to post one saying im sick of people picking at everything and not answering my questions. i ask what to do, when breeding (for future refference) then i get, your BD's aint old enought, do you now about money blah blah blah and if i didn't know that i...
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    What To Do???

    lol its ok im kl :D i just ask a question and pepz on this sit straight think they suddenly have to save the world!!!! lol oj but if i ask a question im asking for the reply to the question i just asked idc to much about pepz oppinions and stop asumming i don't know what im doing, before i even...
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    What To Do???

    i am aware of the financial implications, its kool but thanks i just wanted to know what other people thought i should do about moving them into eachothers homes, as i am very aware that males are or can be very terrortorial. but the female could get stressed with him entering her home and being...
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    Is your dragon sleeping too much, not eating enough? READ ME

    hey, well my dragon is slowing down, but he's only 5 or 6 months. so idt there ment to brumate at such a young age are they? he seems ok he stil wakes up but he don't seem to want to bask or really want to eat much, he's poo looks fine and he goes every morning and somtimes mostly atleast twice...
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