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    the eggs look fertile, need advice

    Thanks Esther, I was only kidding about the "no one likes me anymore" comment. I know the "breeding" board doesn't get anywhere near the traffic that the other boards get. I did notice that the bottom of the eggs do have some stain marks, I'm pretty sure that common as I'm not using...
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    Boy or Girl?

    I'm leaning towards female as well
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    the eggs look fertile, need advice

    She has never been breed before. She has only been exposed to the male once accidentally. I candled an egg tonight after being in my home-made incubator for two weeks. I can easily see veins now and all the eggs are still nice and plump. I've been keeping the eggs around 80 to 85 degrees and...
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    Arcadia MVB's

    do you know how often you need to replace these bulbs due to reduced UV output? Larry
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    the eggs look fertile, need advice

    here's what I did: I took one of my 18G dubia bins that was almost out and emptied the rest in the other bin. These bins have internally mounted CHE controlled by a thermostat. I but the covered(with vent holes) tupperware container of eggs in the bin sitting on top of a 2" piece of foam. I put...
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    the eggs look fertile, need advice

    Hi All, it's been forever since I have posted... My red beardie started digging like crazy in her cage so I got a large plastic bin and put some moist playsand and ecoearth mixture. She laid some plump white leathery eggs(not collapsed). I picked up a couple of them and candled them and saw a...
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    roaches and the ewww factor

    yeah, you'll definitely do much better with larger roaches. I guess the rough estimate is one large roach is about equal to 6 crickets. so, with these numbers, you'll only be using about 5 or 6 large roaches every other day. Large/adult roaches tend to be a lot more expensive, that's why...
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    Where do you order from? And more!

    Evergreen is "mostly" right with one exception: the one that's slightly wrong is that wax worms will NOT cause impaction, they are a soft worm with no type if chitin(hard shell). They are not a good staple because they are high in fat. They are more considered a "snack" feeder for a treat once...
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    roaches and the ewww factor

    keep in mind that if you order small nymphs, they are REALLY small, like 1/4 to 3/8 inch. If I were you, I would order a mixed size for your adult dragon. That way you'll be getting a range of 1/4 all the way up to 1 1/4.
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    Iggy refuses to eat

    yeah, I agree with noob. My 10 month old dragon has been doing the same thing off-and-on for over a month now. I would make sure he's not losing significant weight, my dragon bounces around 500g +- 5g. I do give my dragon a bath once a week when he seems active where he will take in a fair...
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    1000 crickets

    if those worms were small black fuzzy ones, they are actually good to have. They are used to keep your bins clean by eating dead stuff in the bin. They are also not dangerous to your dragon. My older dragon completely gave up on eating crickets, he now only eats a couple of supers every...
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    How long do crickets last during shipping?

    they didn't give you a tracking number? I don't think I'd use that company again. I've had very good luck with the company I use.
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    Why won't my beardie eat?!!

    wow, 8" at 6-months is pretty small. I assume you have all the lighting setup correctly and the temperature correct.
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    lighting for my baby bearded dragon

    what FoothillBeardie said is correct, glass will block UVB rays. Most people on this board will recommend a linear UV bulb. I prefer the Reptisun 10.0 bulb. if you glass tank is in the direct sunlight, make sure you are watching the temperatures when it's in the sun and that it's not getting...
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    Reduced feeder interest wanting more veggies?

    I would guess this is probably the issue, although, I would think she would just cut back on eating and not switch from bugs to salad.
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    Why won't my beardie eat?!!

    when one of my babies started shedding his back, she wouldn't eat much for almost a week, she would eat one or two crickets at most. Once she shed her back, she started eating normal again. I don't know if this is what's happening to your baby, but it could be one reason.
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    feeding 3 two month old babies

    what I have found from experience is that they will stop eating when they get full and move to their basking spot. I only feed my babies twice a day due to my work schedule.
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    How long do crickets last during shipping?

    well, crickets will last a little while in the shipping container if the temperatures are ok and the cricket company put something in there for them to eat. I have all my crickets shipped overnight and I make sure there is someone there to accept the package(I'm actually having them shipped to...
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    Dubia, how many to start with? @_@;

    yeah, the best thing to do is have a breeder and a feeder bin. The probability of the females dropping their egg sacks are higher if you bother them a bunch but it's still not that high. I literally clean out my bins ever couple months and separate the adults from the nymphs. I check on the...
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    Dubia enclosure - heat mat

    That will work too.. it just needs to be 80 to 95 inside your bin if you're breeding them, doesn't really matter where the heat is coming from
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