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    Introducing Drake and myself

    very cute! congrats :D
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    baby won't eat greens

    yep, just like they said...totally normal. For my baby I put a fresh salad in everyday but it is hardly ever touched...they will come around eventually. All of my dragons have been the same way. One day out of no where they start devouring their greens :D
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    Male vs. Female

    Hi there, I'm looking for some opinions from you all....I've always had male dragons but Sedona is female. I'm wondering if there's anything I should be prepared for from a female. She's only 6 wks old now so I'm sure I'm ahead of myself but I want to be prepared for Just...
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    My "My-my(s)" Myah found a home

    Lol! She is beautiful :D
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    Big Bertha Update

    Very cool!
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    Rockin fun with my beardy

    Sounds like he's going to be a! Have fun! I can't wait to see pictures :D
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    Nim the dragon.

    Congrats on the new baby! Have fun with him :D
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    Hello, I adopted Smog

    Congrats! He's very pretty :D
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    Jango ate an earwig..

    I'm not sure either. I think I would just keep a close eye on him and make sure he stays hydrated. My cats have eaten them with no I'll effects :?
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    Beardie health struggling

    I'm so sorry! I haven't experienced tis my self but maybe others have....hows he doing? What did the vet suggest as far as treatment?
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    Bearded Dragon sick

    I'm sorry for your loss
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    So cute!!
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    HATES ME!!

    My Puff would go through crabby periods every once in awhile. He'd hang out for days with an angry look on his face. It was like his own little beardie PMS :banghead:
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    Uh-oh I got a new baby beardie :)

    She is beautiful! Congrats :D
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    "Tatsu's Celestial Army" Memorial Booklet

    such a wonderful plan! I remember Tatsu from when I was a member here years ago when Puff was a baby :D wonderful way to celebrate those we have loved and lost
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    worried about my female dragon

    sorry, posted before my coffee....I was thinking repti-glo, not powersun, there's nothing wrong with that bulb :oops: But doing a quick search around here will give you some more info on the dangers of sharing a viv. Hopefully she comes around for you soon but you may want to consider a lay...
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    My first beardie; say hello to Ruby!

    Congrats! She's a very pretty girl :D
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    Spike is dying ;(

    I'm so sorry about your loss :(
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    worried about my female dragon

    Are they housed together? How old are they? Personally I would swap the power sun out for a reptisun 10.0, and change the sand out for tile, news paper, shelf liner, or even paper towel. The sand can cause them to become impacted. If they're housed together you should also really consider...
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    This just happened and I had to post it

    LOL! The last couple of days Sedona has taken to leaping in the air to eat the crickets off the glass walls of her feeder tank. She's been jumping around like They have so much energy when they're little. I totally forgot how much fun baby dragons can be :D
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