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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    OK, Ill try that, Thank you :)... She is doing about the same as yesterday, Not as shaky tho :blob8:
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    Is there something I can make that I can make her eat? (Like mush up some fruit and put it in her mouth?)
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    Is your dragon sleeping too much, not eating enough? READ ME

    I think my beardie is doing this but I am not sure. She is not haveing bowl movements (Not even when I give her a bath), And she is not trying to hide, she just sits, does not move, does not eat... :|
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    Babies stuck in eggs that have turned rock hard!!!

    Good luck with your babies!... I have never herd of the mother to just keep laying eggs... What do I know tho :roll: ... Hope you get your 3 babies healthy :D
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    Please help - Unresponsive

    Do you have sand?... My Beardie is doing almost the same thing :(... Good luck
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    I think she is getting better. When I was giveing her a bath this morning, she tried to swim/walk, she was very shakey but better then nothing :lol:.. She has half of her old colour back. She opens her eyes a little more too. She still wont eat tho :dontknow:
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    Meet Rocky and Gizmo

    Lucky! you are about to have babies (Good luck). Rocks looks mean :D
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    I think she just wants to drive me crazy :P ... :banghead:
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    Thank you Laura :)
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    I am not sure what type of UVB (Sorry). It is 98 in her hot spot, 71 in her cool, She eats crickets, Cactus Pads, Grapes, Dandilion greens, Bell peper, (This is just her favs, ill give a full list in a moment). I do dust her crickets, I have had her for a few months and she seemed fine, It is a...
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    I Need Bearded Dragon Help!!!

    Hello, I have a 8 month old female Beardie, I think she is ill. She is not moveing, No longer wants to eat, Was geting pale and is now getting Very dark, She has a bad temper (Puffs out, trys to bite me), She used to play in the bath, now she just sits there and I have to hold her head up or she...
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