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    Regrown Ovaries

    So this is a discussion/question; my beardie Puff is 8 years old and had follicular stasis back in May 2023 with a successful spay. Come mid summer I notice that she’s not gaining any weight and has become aggressive with food so I bring her in again, lo and behold her ovaries are regrowing and...
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    Mass in beardies abdomen

    I am definitely going to have either xray and ultrasounds done (or both), I am just hoping anyone had a positive outcome for a mass in the abdomen because everything I've read online so far does not appear to have a good prognosis. I am not ready to lose my Puff yet, especially since we finally...
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    Mass in beardies abdomen

    Hi all, looking for some advice/reassurance for my 9 year old beardie. I picked her up out of her viv and noticed she has a rock hard lump on the left side of her abdomen. It doesn't appear to be bothering her but it has me concerned. I do not believe she is gravid this year as she has laid eggs...
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