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  1. flyaries1979

    Jeffy eats more on the days he’s fed his roaches

    I’ve noticed that on the days that I feed Jeffy his dubia roaches he eats more of his salad than the off day. Is this common? I know that his diet needs to be more salad than bugs, but would it be ok to feed him one roach to stimulate his appetite for his salad?
  2. flyaries1979


    I just wanted to share my excitement with ya’ll! My guy is getting a whole new set up with the proper space 4x2x2 and more enrichment because he will now have the room. I’m so happy he’ll finally have space! Also got him the correct lighting and the zen mat instead of that reptile carpet. I’ll...
  3. flyaries1979

    Safe foods

    Is pumpkin something safe to give my beardie?
  4. flyaries1979

    New to this group and new beardie parent!

    I am going to purchase a new UVB set up right away and attach it to the inside of the enclosure. I’m gonna try the Zen mat, I feel that would work much better. The setup he came with included a reptile carpet and they are a pain to clean. Thank you so much for all this info. I’m so glad I joined...
  5. flyaries1979

    New to this group and new beardie parent!

    I would love any information, thank you so much! He has a UVB tube style lighting, reptisun 5.0, and his basking area is between 90-100 degrees. He has that on for 12 hours a day. Thank you for the info on the roaches...he'll be disappointed lol, those are his favorite.
  6. flyaries1979

    New to this group and new beardie parent!

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted a what I believe to be a three year old male bearded dragon. My son and I named him Jeffy. He his 22 inches long from head to tail. I am looking to purchase a 120 gal tank. If it should be bigger, please let me know. I want to provide the best environment for...
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