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    Where to sell/give away baby beardies?

    ok thank you I will try posting in one of those places and I am in the chicagoland area if you happen to know anybody who would possibly want a young beardie
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    Just thought I'd add my two cents about the babies that aren't eating, i had a couple of hatchlings that didn't really eat much for a couple of days and then they she'd and they were fine so maybe they just don't want to eat because they are going into shed and the ones that didn't eat I would...
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    Price of a basic vet visit?

    My herp vet charges 66 for a checkup and 49 for a recheck not including any tests or procedures
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    Where to sell/give away baby beardies?

    I just recently had 2 clutches of beardie eggs hatch and now I have about 60 baby beardies. Never thought any of my eggs would actually hatch because they kept dying so was caught totally off guard when I found a baby in the incubator. I was prepared just in case and not saying that I cannot...
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    Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue

    Omg I know exactly what you're talking about! Had the same problem! He is super rude and thinks he knows everything!
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    deformed babies

    well thank you I have no idea what caused that but all those eggs died and another clutch that was incubating at the same time with the temp spikes just hatched and are fine so that clutch must have been defective or something
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    deformed babies

    ok well thank you for your input
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    deformed babies

    yes it is just vermiculite and do you really think just a spike in temperature could cause such a thing?
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    deformed babies

    Ok this is the baby that was supposed to hatch and btw when I candled its egg I could see a heart beating so that's why I think the organs are outside And it's just these three left that are in this clutch the rest are younger And this is the egg that is sinking in now: And this is my...
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