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  1. sluedu09

    Complete loss of fat pads...really worried.

    Sorry I haven't posted an update, but I haven't had one until today. I went back to the vet. They took an x-ray. The x-ray has a large gray area that covers most of her right side. They said it is fluid. They're not sure what the fluid is from. You couldn't even see her internal organs. I...
  2. sluedu09

    Complete loss of fat pads...really worried.

    I may do that. Earlier she started digging in her cage so I'm really hoping that it is eggs. She's been super active up early in the day, so maybe it's a sign she's getting ready to lay.
  3. sluedu09

    Complete loss of fat pads...really worried.

    Thank you! The thing is, she's still running around this very minute with good gold color. No black bearding or stressing out. I don't understand it? She still has the mass in her belly and the vet felt pretty convinced that it was either an enlarged organ or eggs. I'm debating on the x-ray (we...
  4. sluedu09

    Complete loss of fat pads...really worried.

    I'm really not sure if this should be posted here or in the Health forum, but here we go... Toni is a little over 9 years old. She's housed in a 2x2x4 custom cage. I use a PowerSun mercury vapor bulb (always have). She's on newspaper. I feed supers and greens with some calcium powder thrown in...
  5. sluedu09

    Do beardies bond?

    I believe that they bond. Or at least have relationships with you. Toni is very attached to me. If someone else is holding her, she stares at me until I get her back or else will try to climb back up my arms when I'm handing her to someone. She's just not as comfortable with other people as...
  6. sluedu09

    Toni's Beautiful Artwork! Take a Look!!!

    Oh and the dark spots on her hand and side are poo as well. She does this while I'm at work, so I don't have the chance to prevent her from smearing it on the walls and herself.
  7. sluedu09

    Toni's Beautiful Artwork! Take a Look!!!

    Oh yes my arteeest only works with the finest poo. Seriously, she pooped right next to the wall and then ran through it over and over again for about an hour. I looked over and saw her just smearing it everywhere. She's still going through a major case of spring fever and it is driving me nuts!
  8. sluedu09

    Toni's Beautiful Artwork! Take a Look!!!

    So, Toni has been making this gorgeous artwork for me several times a week. I'm so proud, I needed to share it with you guys! Take a gander! :shock: This is a close up of the arteeest Narrow shot of her with the artwork in the background Wide shot of the masterpiece
  9. sluedu09

    What made you want your first beardie :D Writing an essayy!

    I've always loved lizards. When I was about five, I would go outside and catch anoles. Unfortunately I didn't have the knowledge that I do now, but I took very good care of them for a little kid. I would take them into the bathroom, close the door and spend hours in there getting them used to...
  10. sluedu09

    Problems - driveing me crazy

    Has anyone else heard anything new on this beardie? If he's not eating a lot of crickets, I like to use super worms. They're easy to take care of and easy to gut load. Put them on some oatmeal for two days and they're good to go.
  11. sluedu09

    What lighting product do you use??

    It's about time to replace Toni's bulb. I have a Megaray in her cage now, but I recently got a hold of a defective megaray and now I'm a little skeptical. What do you all use? I want to compare and make the best choice. All opinions welcome!
  12. sluedu09


    Whoops! I thought you meant to take him in the pool! I didn't even think about tap water...that's what I bathe mine in all the time...sorry... :D
  13. sluedu09

    Do I have a jealous beardie?

    Yeah I was beginning to wonder...I just had her on my bed and she tried pooping on my bed!!!! She's really trying to punish me with this pooping thing! I know everything's healthy because she just had a vet appointment 3 weeks ago. :roll: :P
  14. sluedu09

    Do I have a jealous beardie?

    Ouch! I was wondering because this behavior really isn't like her. She usually doesn't even poop in her cage...she waits for me to give her a bath :roll:
  15. sluedu09


    I wouldn't think so. They absorb water through their vent, so they would be getting the chemical into the system.
  16. sluedu09

    Do I have a jealous beardie?

    What do you think? Toni has been my one and only for almost a year now since my other beardie passed away. She's always been my special girl since I got her six years ago. Last week I adopted another beardie that needed care. I've been spending time with him, but not really taking time away...
  17. sluedu09

    Let's talk about POOP

    Since Toni has been going through Spring Fever, she goes to the bathroom quite a bit while I'm at work. And since she's going potty so much and has a lot of energy, she has been running through it, sitting in it etc. It's hard to get off of her! What do you guys do to get your beardies clean...
  18. sluedu09

    My beardie has been very restless lately...

    Toni has been super hyper as well. She just came out of brumation last week, so I guess she has a lot of energy to burn off. She's been window dancing, climbing the walls, knocking over her cactus, throwing food everywhere...sound like yours? It's probably just spring fever and I know right...
  19. sluedu09

    What should I do?

    So I've taken in my sister's beardie who has a megaray in his cage. Unfortunately, I think it is one of the bad bulbs. He always has his eyes closed and is having a hard time shedding. I've turned off the light for now. We're going to e-mail reptileluv to get a replacement bulb. However...
  20. sluedu09

    Adopted a beardie...and I need some advice!

    guys anything?
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