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  1. drgnfly2265

    Beardie tricks

    My beardies will win everytime they are in a staring contest...
  2. drgnfly2265

    I HATE Spiders!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I hate spiders too. I think their evil little things...
  3. drgnfly2265

    How long can you keep them out of thier viv?

    I have taken Yaddle out for a whole day a couple of times. I live in Florida so it's easy just to take her outside while were running around to warm her up or I can hold her close to me to keep her warm.
  4. drgnfly2265

    Beardies living and/or playing together

    1 beardie to 1 tank.
  5. drgnfly2265

    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    He does have his whole tail, it just looks a little wierd near the tip of it and the tip of the tail is slightly curved. I'll have to get some more pics once he gets settled in. I want to hold him a lot but I gotta give him some time, ugh, so hard to do!
  6. drgnfly2265

    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    Thank you! I went to every booth there to try to find one. Only a couple of booths had 1 or 2 but they were all normals. When I seen Nagini I fell in love instantly :love5: At first they vender was asking $35 for him then I talked him down to $25. After I started getting my money out a guy...
  7. drgnfly2265

    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    He is a Kenyan sand boa, a bell albino color. I got him for a great price too, only $25 :D
  8. drgnfly2265

    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    I went to the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona beach yesterday and had a great time! I also got a new critter!!! Plus, of course, I took a lot of pics and here they are :D This picture doesn't show the amazing colors that this uro had... Hatching baby snakes! These...
  9. drgnfly2265

    Trying to feed Yaddle supers... (video)

    Ok, I'll start giving her some more supers and see how she acts. I'm sure she will be happier to get more supers :D Hmmm, I'm trying to remember the last time I weighed her, lol. She weighed about 465.
  10. drgnfly2265

    Trying to feed Yaddle supers... (video)

    I usually do about 5 per feeding and 5 feedings a week. So I guess about 25 a week. Midna at least takes her time and eats them 1 by 1. Not Yaddle though, in the video you can see her eat 2 at a time. A lot of the time she will eat 3 at a time and then look around like "I WANT MORE!!!"
  11. drgnfly2265

    Trying to feed Yaddle supers... (video)

    Here's a short video of how crazy Yaddle gets when she knows she's getting superworms. Once she sees me trying to put the bowl in her cage she goes nuts! I have her on the 80% green to 20% protein routine, but when she does this I some times feel like...
  12. drgnfly2265

    sex of my beardie

    If you post some pics on here then we can probably help you out.
  13. drgnfly2265

    How soft?

    I wouldn't use a toothbrush on his head anywhere. If I need to use one I use it on their body, arms, legs and tail. Try using a wash cloth...
  14. drgnfly2265

    Happy 4th of July (pics)

    Thank you everyone 8)
  15. drgnfly2265

    Can I put 2 beardies together for a day?

    I agree with the others, keep them seperated.
  16. drgnfly2265

    Painting bearded dragons nails?

    I guess if you find a animal safe nail polish then it would be ok. They have nail polish for dogs out there, not sure if its reptile safe or not though. I have thought about doing it myself, but the beardies nails are so thin that it probably not be noticable...
  17. drgnfly2265

    Picture time for Clyde~(lots of pics)

    Great pictures! Clyde is a little cutie :D I used to play WoW, it was very fun. I'm playing SWTOR right now, but I might switch back one day...
  18. drgnfly2265

    Meet Hercules

    Hello to you and Hercules! He is a little cutie :mrgreen:
  19. drgnfly2265

    Happy 4th of July (pics)

    I wanted to say happy 4th of July to everyone! We are going to have some fun tonight :headbang: I love this "hat" that I found!
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