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    Favorite Feeder Supplier

    Hey everybody! I was just wondering what's everyone's favorite, number 1 go to website for buying worms/roaches? I'm trying to narrow down all the different suppliers based on quality and quantity for the price. I stumbled on a website called abdragons and they seem priced fairly well and also...
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    Preserving greens?

    This (to me) sounds like kindof a "duh" question but I'm wondering if there's any way to preserve my beardie's greens so they last longer. I don't wanna freeze them for obvious reasons but I'm also hesitant to try to dry them out because I think it cuts the nutritional value down quite a bit...
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    New to the Beard life. Meet Lizzi!

    Hey yall! We recently got our very first dragon and I'm just absolutely enthralled with her. (at least I THINK) it's a her, not sure at this point cause she's so little. I've never had a Bearded Dragon before so I'm totally new to all of this and talking colors and such kindof makes my head...
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