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    Question about lights timing for my bearded dragon

    What if my schedule is 6:30-11:00?
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    Question about lights timing for my bearded dragon

    So I’m getting a bearded dragon in the next couple weeks and I have almost everything set up how I want it, but one thing I’m not sure about is the lights timing. I’ve seen in multiple sources that 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness is a good timing. But the problem is that the beardie...
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    Are these deals for UVB setup too good to be true?

    Bulb I'm getting: Fixture I'm getting: I haven't seen too many other places that have UVB setups this cheap, especially with a brand like Arcadia. Do you think I...
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    What fixture to use for UVB bulb This is the bulb I'm planning on buying for my beardie. Does anyone know what is a good affordable fixture that would fit this bulb? I believe it is a Reptisun T8 17 watt 10.0 24 inch UVB bulb.
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