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  1. valcash

    Anyone else have a dragon who doesn't like butterworms?

    Happily he went after the worm. Then a look came over his face as he chewed, of surprise then disgust. His looks were then directed at me as he spat it out.
  2. valcash

    Super worms

    I dust both.
  3. valcash

    Getting my beardie to drink water

    Sounds like he is staying hydrated. Do you also mist his veggies daily?
  4. valcash

    To chop or not to chop...

    With my adults they have preferences, from the chopping and dicing size and colors and type of veggies to everything else in between. I would make sure and remove any thick woody stems in the middle of leaves.
  5. valcash

    End of life issues?

    I am sorry Ursula is having issues. I have a senior bearded dragon who also went through stages, was eating fine on his own, then was moving slow so had to make the bugs slow and in one place, then wasn't eating on his own and needed to be fed bugs exclusively hand fed, and now does not eat on...
  6. valcash

    Reptiworms- Hornworms

    What are the ages of your dragons? That would help with recommended feeder amounts. Hornworms grow very quickly and they are soft bodied. Some people buy eggs then grow them from those eggs, it isn't too hard. They are active and brightly colored. They will come with special food if they...
  7. valcash

    New Pics of my 3 Juvie Dragons...

    Nice juvies :D
  8. valcash

    New Beardie/Shocked at Petsmart

    This is a common story. Sad, but true. Welcome to the boards!
  9. valcash

    Beardies ok within sight of each other?

    I would not let them see each other.
  10. valcash

    Two Girls on Wednesday

    Love the pictures of the parents!
  11. valcash

    had to make a tough call

    Why can't your wife take care of him for you? Be really careful when placing your BD. Don't settle and don't rush. Take your time in deciding so he gets the very best home he can.
  12. valcash

    Steve Irwin

    He was great! I wish he was still here doing his thing for reptiles and to be here for his young family he loved so much. My dh and I went swimming with sting rays shortly after that incident, I remember there were not a lot of people wanting to go and many were scared to get in the water...
  13. valcash

    Older Pet store bearded

    Have they taken care of him his entire life or was he just returned or given to them. There are owners who try to give their pets to pet stores and vet clinics.
  14. valcash

    Colors beardies see

    Some prefer certain colors of food other colors.
  15. valcash

    RANT... Why some people should never work retail.

    Freedom of speech amazingly extends inside of retail stores. Customers are indeed allowed to greet each other and even speak to each other in this day in age if they so wish. I would write a letter directly to corporate stating something along the lines on how you were happily shopping with...
  16. valcash

    Help? Sandfire & red breeders. Needing guidance.

    Good for you for actually doing your research and taking your time! Check out fauna classifieds for breeder ratings too. Also, if you have local reptile shows it might be worth a trip to go.
  17. valcash

    How do you travel out of town with your beardie?

    We have moved several times with BD's. Get a small hard sided enclosure (or soft side if you must, hard is safer if something falls on it accidently) and make it warm depending on the season (blankets and heat packets well under the blankets where they can't be directly on BD skin). Remove all...
  18. valcash

    Poor dragons

    Wonder what you can do to change their mind? Newspaper? Contact local animal control? That is very sad.
  19. valcash

    Bearded Dragon (super yellow)

    :mrgreen: Never said they did.
  20. valcash

    I defended my dragon..

    I really don't care what remarks people say as long as they are not directly mistreating my animals or going on and on and on every time I see them or interact with them. Most people mean well I think. And honestly I kind of think it is funny a small animal can bother someone so much, that is...
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