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  1. J4ckdaw-

    How to prepare driftwood + stones for enclosure?

    How do I make sure the driftwood + stones I’ve collected are safe for Leo’s enclosure? How should I go about washing/disinfecting them? They were sourced from a beach.
  2. J4ckdaw-

    Superworms canabalizing?

    They’re eating one of the newly moulted superworms (this is a new batch, got them yesterday and they had food which they appear to have eaten). What’s the deal? Also, are they still safe to feed Leo?
  3. J4ckdaw-

    Male or Female Beardie

    Certainly male! Congratulations on your new baby boy 😉
  4. J4ckdaw-

    Clogged nostril?

    How should I go about clearing it? He is overdue to have a bath, so I’ll dab at it with a wet q-tip to see if I can dislodge the dirt. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    I believe it was just raging hormones, he’s mellowed down now. No glass surfing for over a week.
  6. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    I’ve checked the temps, they’re sitting at about 104 degrees on the basking spot right now, and when I take him out he tries to run off of high surfaces and goes nuts.
  7. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    He’s gotten to the point where he is literally slamming himself against the walls… is that normal?
  8. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    I can guarantee he is male 👍
  9. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    I take him out of his enclosure for on minimum 2 hours at a time, every day, but he shows no signs of stopping.
  10. J4ckdaw-

    Is her butt ok?

    Yes, she looks fine.
  11. J4ckdaw-

    Glass surfing non-stop for weeks

    As the title says, Leo’s been glass surfing non-stop for at least a week and a half already. He’s already caused permanent damage to his enclosure’s walls and sliding doors, and he’s been doing it to the extreme, it’s reached the point where I am genuinely concerned about him hurting himself...
  12. J4ckdaw-

    Is her butt ok?

    I can’t see anything from those pictures, can you lift her tail to give us a better look?
  13. J4ckdaw-

    When do spring time crazies go away?

    ^^ title
  14. J4ckdaw-


    Welcome to the forum! We’re all looking forward to having you in this group!
  15. J4ckdaw-

    Suddenly no interest in bugs?

    The title is self explanatory. Leo won’t bat so much as an eye at his crickets today, despite being fine with them yesterday. Is he just not hungry? Or is there some other concern about this I should be aware of? He won’t stop glass surfing and when I do try and take him out he bolts all over...
  16. J4ckdaw-

    Went to get a substrate scoop from a reptile specialist store and I saw this 🤣

    this little cutie’s doing some intense lizard yoga 👀 mixed with the sploot… And this little fellow was posing for the camera ♥️ I was tempted to take him home with me, I really was…
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  19. J4ckdaw-

    Beardie going crazy?

    He’s got the acrylic doors as well- he’s destroyed those things in not even a week. To say Im not absolutely surprised would be a lie 🤣
  20. J4ckdaw-

    Bearded dragon yawn on cool side. Is that ok?

    Yawning is normal. Could have been a beard-stretch as well. I wouldn’t worry.
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