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  1. Erica582

    Calgary: I need a very experienced home for my baby

    Hello. I have been struggling with my beardie ever since I've gotten her. I am sure she has health issues but when I took her to the vet (Avian exotics) she told met she seemed perfectly healthy. I have come to the realization that I am not the best caretaker for my beardie because I am not...
  2. Erica582

    Does your bearded dragon have red spots in its mouth?

    I lay on my back and put my beardie on my chest, and she opens her mouth to vent and from this angle I can see 2 bright red spots on the roof of her mouth near her teeth. Is this normal? I am trying to get a picture of it to post but it's a very difficult angle. Does anyone else have beardies...
  3. Erica582

    Reptars First Bath.

    That is adorable! I'm sure he'll grow to love it! Mine was the same way.
  4. Erica582

    Severe Attitude

    I had the same issue with both of my beardies when relocating them to a bigger tank. However, my female got over it fairly quickly, where as my male never did. My male would fight with his reflection for hours, even though he could see his reflection in his baby tank it didn't bother him. He...
  5. Erica582

    New pictures of Herculette :)

    Aw that last picture is beautiful! Such a lovely colour!
  6. Erica582


    Aw I love the basking on the screen pictures! So very cute. She has a large enclosure! At first I thought she was sitting in spaghetti sauce :D
  7. Erica582

    Months of health issue and vet doesn't see anything obvious?

    Thanks, that's fairly close so I'm sure I can get someone to drive me there. Does anyone know of an appetite stimulants? The shot of b12 doesn't seem to make her hungry, and she is really not enjoying me force feeding her baby food. She turns black whenever I pick her up now! She's going to...
  8. Erica582

    Months of health issue and vet doesn't see anything obvious?

    Hi Jasper's Mom, Yes you have answered many of my Calgary related questions! I took her here: I am afraid to feed her horn worms. I used to feed them to my fully grown male and he'd poop them out whole! (Can you imagine that?!), even when I cut them in half he'd...
  9. Erica582

    Months of health issue and vet doesn't see anything obvious?

    It really did help! The vet did say it may be a lower respiratory infection, and Peachy has not been discharging any mucus, or making clicking sounds. She said it if is lower, the antibiotic I have for her should help. As far as husbandry, it has changed over the last 6 months. She was in a 20...
  10. Erica582

    Months of health issue and vet doesn't see anything obvious?

    Thanks for the reply! Well she went through her 'slump' at 6 months old and basically stopped growing. There really are no other bug options where I live (Calgary, Canada), except for superworms which she loooves but cant poop easily. I am also wondering if it is too hot for her? Her basking...
  11. Erica582


    I really am not sure about this, but I know that you cannot bring your lizard across the border. It is possible that you MAY be able to do it if you get your dragon checked by your vet to ensure that it is healthy/free of disease and parasites. But thats a guess. This is the only website I could...
  12. Erica582

    Months of health issue and vet doesn't see anything obvious?

    Hi everyone, I have been struggling with my beardie for months and I feel like I've tried everything. I'll try and give a very brief rundown Peachy is a year old now. I have had her since September. I went away for two weeks in January and left her with my roommate, when I came back her...
  13. Erica582

    A cricket wall?

    Hi everyone, I bought my beardie a beautiful large tank and furnished it with wood with the intention of feeding her out of the tank. She does not like being fed out of the tank, and feeding in tank is just a waste of crickets, as the hide in all the nooks of the wood. What I want to do is to...
  14. Erica582

    Is she brumating? Or is she sick?

    Hello everyone, thank you for the ideas! I looked into the recommended UVB bulb, and I have determined that I have the exact same one in coil form. With only $800 to get me through to may (students), I am going to stick with this bulb as it is brand new. I have had the bulb on for 12 hours a day...
  15. Erica582

    Is she brumating? Or is she sick?

    Thank you for the answer! I've realized she's small for her age. She hasn't shed for so long and my other beardie was much larger and growing like crazy at this age. I am using a metal thermometer that I can move around based on where I have her basking light. I have a coil bulb uvb. I know...
  16. Erica582

    Is she brumating? Or is she sick?

    Hello Everyone, I've been watching my dragon very closely for the last month as I noticed she has hardly been eating. I will list some of her behaviors. -She was born in July, I have had her since September. She is about 13.5 inches long -I went away for a week in mid Feb. My boyfriend cared...
  17. Erica582

    Beardie totally submerges her head under water

    Hello everyone, I have an 8 month old beardie who is 13-14 inches long. Everytime I give her a bath in my sink, she dunks her head underwater and squirms around. Then she pulls her head out and viciously 'scratches' her head with her back legs. What is she doing? Is this ok? I've heard they...
  18. Erica582

    Finally got a New Beardie!! with Pictures

    I have mooore! I've been a little camera happy lately. Yes the fan is unplugged :) You can see the little plug thingy (technical word?) above his pretty little head. First Cricket! Digesting her first cricket(s) Less impressed with her first bath Escaping her first bath Running away from...
  19. Erica582

    Finally got a New Beardie!! with Pictures

    Thank you everyone! I am so ecstatic still:) I forget though, baby temperatures - 100 to 110? I'm going to have to work hard to get it up to that. Using 2 bulbs and ceramic heat bulb right now. She gave me so much attitude when I brought her home! Hence the Princess in her name. I love it...
  20. Erica582


    My new baby showing off a little leg on her first night at home :wink:
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