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    About Abusive Beardie Owners

    That is so heartbreaking to hear. But it sounds like the little one had a lot of love in it's last days, which always makes a difference. People like that don't deserve to own any living creature, there really ought to be stricter laws on animal abuse.
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    Disinterest in food

    On Tuesday I had a wellness check up at the vet with little Beemo, and she was fine. Clean bill of health off the vet, the vet was very happy with how alert and curious Beemo was too. Anyway, todays Thursday, and since she's been to the vet she's not really been eating much. I know it's only...
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    New beardie owner, new to the fourm

    Hi! Just like the title says, I'm new to both bearded dragons (reptiles in general), and to this fourm. I've had pet dogs, grew up around cats, had pet hamsters, rabbits, birds, rats. Pretty much if it had fur, I've had it as a pet. My partner also has three chinchillas and there's two dogs in...
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