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  1. midmichicer

    Where to buy dubia roaches?

    We ship year round with Live Guarantee.
  2. midmichicer

    Can't get reptisun

    There are a lot of people who use exo tera without any issues.
  3. midmichicer

    what is growing on lloyd's head?

    Behind their eyes, they have two fat stores. One behind each eye. I have never seen it form that way, but it could be some excess of stores that just formed different. Just my opinion.
  4. midmichicer

    Dubia Breeding/Feeding/Care Tips

    I made up a decent care sheet and posted it here: Sorting the sizes you want to feed:
  5. midmichicer

    Tail Spot

    Looks like just that, pre shed to me. Let it soak and it should come off soon. CJ
  6. midmichicer

    meal worms

    Instead of meal worms, maybe try baby super worms. They are roughly the same size and much better for them.
  7. midmichicer

    NARBC Tinley Park

    Anyone else attending this show next weekend? We'll be there vending. :)
  8. midmichicer


    They wont just multiply. They will die if they get to big. They must bury themselves, pupate, and then you have moths. IF they have no where to go, they die.
  9. midmichicer

    Been A while

    Summer went back to her original breeder TND Dragons. Charlie went to a young kid at a local expo. He still keeps me updated on him, which I like. Summer will be a mommy soon, I think.
  10. midmichicer

    Been A while

    Thank You. I check in every now and then, but haven't posted anything. Its good to be back :D
  11. midmichicer

    Been A while

    Hello everyone! Its been a while since I've been on and wanted to let everyone catch up. We are down to 1 beardie now, Autumn. He was our first and are sticking with just the one until he has babies with a friends's girl. We have started a feeeder company, C & S Feeders which is going great...
  12. midmichicer

    Lord Stanley Update!!

    He will shortly. Summer is going to hopefully be his mate.
  13. midmichicer

    Limes for B. dubia?

    Any citrus is fine and they will eat it. Oranges are the best fruit to feed though.
  14. midmichicer

    Valkyrie the Dunner

    Dunners are very expensive because they are rare. Only a few breeders have produced them. When Trans and Leathers first came out, they were very expensive too. Now, they aren't so bad. Christine, she is awesome. -CJ
  15. midmichicer

    translucents? what the *&$%$^(

    My Trans
  16. midmichicer

    How to clean my dubia tank?

  17. midmichicer

    whos youre favorite breeder?

    I got Charlie from Rio.
  18. midmichicer

    whos youre favorite breeder?

    I have spoke to each of these people and speak with a few of them on a daily basis. I recommend all of these: Carolina Classic: TND Dragons: Rio Reptiles: Kaizen Reptiles: Where Dragons Dwell...
  19. midmichicer

    online roaches place

    Yeah, I've got plenty now. I PM'ed him.
  20. midmichicer

    online roaches place

    Come on Laura! lol
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