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    UVB for bearded dragon

    If I were to mount the T5 HO on the inside what would the distance need to be? I want to make sure he doesn’t get too much exposure. He’ll lift his head up and that adds a couple inches too, and I don’t want him to be too close. What would be your recommended distance with that in consideration?
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    UVB for bearded dragon

    What should I change my bearded dragons UVB light to be? A few months back I changed my tank from a 40 to 120 gallon. I have been using a 24 inch hood with a T5 HO UVB bulb on top. However, my beardie hasn’t been eating and I now think that the mesh is too fine for him to receive proper UVB...
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    So is this to close? (It is 18 inches high)
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    Did that work?
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    Here are the pictures cid:3FD3CE42-D5F9-4857-9B56-5C9BE03409B7 cid:BA578FF6-FBB7-41D4-922F-922A87550C3D I think that clicking on those should take you to the photos. Let me know if that works!
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    So if I’m getting this right, the light is okay as long as it is top of the screen? And I need the calcium with d3 in it? Also, is this vitamin dust okay for 2 times a week? I have zoo meds reptivite vitamins with d3. Would that work?
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    As far as calcium dusting goes does he/she need d3? I don’t know how much light he/she is getting. I have a 10.0 t5 hood light, with a basking spot 4 inches away from the light. Should I get the calcium dust with or without d3? (I also have a vitamin dust with d3 in it)
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    I’m a new bearded dragon owner and I have a baby red hypo translucent leatherback! I’m so excited to be a part of!
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    New Beardie Coming!

    Hi! I’m getting a new bearded dragon in a couple of days and wanted to know how calcium and vitamin dusting would work. I have heard different things and don’t know if I need to get the kind with d3 or not. My beardie’s terrarium is a 40 gallon with a t5 hood light and a basking spot about 4...
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