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    Calcium Gluconate Injection

    Thank you... but Smawg just passed :( I just came back from the vet, I asked Dr. if I could have something in case she does have parasites, He gave me a dose of panacur. Well when I got home she already passed.... I gave it to her anyways...
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    Calcium Gluconate Injection

    I took my 8 yr old Beardie to the vet Saturday, because she has been wobbling while she walks, which now lead to her starting to get weak, and not want to walk. She is still eating and drinking, I took her in and Doc said she is very dehydrated. He took her in back and gave her fluids, he also...
  3. Smawg's Legacy Uploads

    Smawg's Legacy Uploads

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    Fruits & Veggies

    Hi everyone, I`m back with a question for Smawg. If anyone remembers us. Anyways She still will not eat any fruits & she will only take a small bite or two of a fresh green. not everyday, not every other day either, I do leave it in her cage and change it daily but she does not want it. The only...
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    HornWorm Moth`s

    I agree, the feeding should of been fine, Smawg loved it when I put the moth in his cage after pupa stage. I will add a few of my video links if anyone interested. I will not feed her the pupa, I just don't feel comfortable for some reason lol ( Eating a Moth Slow Motion )...
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    Appetite has gone down and become lazy

    Hi, I was going threw the same behavior with Smawg, I have several posts that I have made & reply's that might help you too. I went crazy when this happened, I didn't know if she was impacted,sick, going threw brumation, she was not pooping, eating, drinking, I was taking her to vets, she will...
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    I give baths to my beardie in the bath tub, this way I can add more warm water when needed & she has plenty of room to move around, & it`s easier to clean up if they poop. I see people online putting there`s in little buckets or bowls & it seems the water would get cold to fast & if there...
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    HornWorm Moth`s

    How old is your beardie & how big was the hornworm?
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    HornWorm Moth`s

    Sorry so late on this, But Smawg ate a hornworm moth & loved it & was fine afterwards :) & still is. Planning on feeding her again if she does not eat the hormworms before pupa stage
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    Was just curious what to feed them if I ran out of the chow. & if there is snow outside what do I use for them when they are ready to pupa, My last ones had dirt & buried themselves, But now my yard has snow. Do I dig? or will they pupa without dirt. Do they need water.
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    HornWorm Moth`s

    Thank you, & pepper does not get impacted or anything?
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    Smawg 2016

    I was weighing her in pounds before I noticed a gram button on the scale :banghead: She was not eating or pooping for a while in the past, I have previous postings & info.on here if curious on everything. But as for her weight she was 538 grams from the vets scale, then I got a scale i...
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    HornWorm Moth`s

    No nothing yet, I been looking online & only find a few things, Which all say it`s ok to feed beardie`s those. I`m just trying to make sure. and how long I have to wait after they come out of pupa stage.
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    Smawg 2016

    Thanks! I have went 3 days without feeding her bugs & she will not eat her greens or any fruit. She did go potty in her cage today, and she weighs 554 grams. The first time back on b.d. org & she poops in her cage :) yeah her belly looks like that for the way she was sitting. Maybe I will throw...
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    I need help!!! New to beardies and having issues!!

    Please be careful with vets, make sure they are reptile specialist. I found a lot of information/help here on this site. I have experienced a couple vets that was horrible & if I would of continued the care that he told me to, my beardie would of died within a couple months. Glad to hear you...
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    Beardie lost in house

    Good luck, I hope you got him by time I post this. My opinion is maybe hang his heat light at the end where he went in, & hopefully when he feels it, he will walk backwards if he can`t turn around. and place some food a little further away so it will lure him out. I lived in a apartment before...
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    Smawg 2016

    Smawg has been doing very good since we last was here, she has been eating, But still has not went to the bathroom in her cage, Only when I bath her she will go & still she has not gone bathroom in her water dish either. I bath her once a week & let her soak for 1/2 hour. Her weight history on...
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