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    Heating effect on custom foam background/elements?

    Perfect thank you! Do you(or anyone else!) have any experience using both a DHP and a halogen bulb alongside each other? My thought was to use a 50w DHP, and a 75w halogen, but im not sure if id have to dim the halogen too much and reduce the visible light directing my BD to the defined...
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    Heating effect on custom foam background/elements?

    Hi all, currently building a custom enclosure for my BD and just hoping to get some confirmation/clarity before I start scaping the background. I will be forming the 3 sided background out of XPS foam, and then coating it in multiple layers of a sanded grout, and then sealing with mod podge...
  3. CGarland's Legacy Uploads

    CGarland's Legacy Uploads

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    Dangling extremities?

    Hi all, new to the forum! Occasionally he will bask with the his chest on the edge of his basking log with both his front and hind legs sort of dangling, I've attached a picture. I just want to make sure this is a normal behavior and not indicative of early onset MBD or something! My little...
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