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    Gail's Legacy Uploads

  2. Gail

    Vet diagnosed Laziness...

    You mentioned he goes to a hole to sleep. I would rearrange the whole viv and remove every possible place for him to use as a dark hidey hole. I have seen lazy dragon who will hide and sleep instead of waking up to bask. Also, if he was receiving inadequate care before, normal temps might be...
  3. Gail

    Home roaming

    Depends on the dragon and the home. You want it to be big enough not to get lost or be able to get into places that are not accessible. I live in a old house with build in heater vents, the spacing is wide, no way I could ever let a baby or juvenile roam. Now that sam is big enough his head...
  4. Gail


    Stores invest so little into baby reptiles that a death doesn't hurt them financially. I know a breeder who sold babies wholesale for $5 each to big distributors like lllreptile. Even one sale can make that investment back. Then you have the "rescuers" who come in and buy the injured animals...
  5. Gail

    WTF is this??

    I don't think that is shed, it seems to be growing and I've never seen shed do that. While it doesn't appear to be urgent, I think it would be a good idea to have it checked out just in case
  6. Gail

    Need Help Shipping Bearded Dragon from Overseas

    You might try joining a FB dragon group, maybe even a breeders group and see if you can find a breeder who can help. The only other option I could think of is to locate a reptile specialty pet store in Atlanta and ask them. I would expect whoever you find will want a fee.
  7. Gail

    I’m worried she’s not growing enough

    Besides lighting and uvb, how much and what is she eating? What about supplements. Honestly, I would put a dragon that size around 2 months. How big was she when you received her?
  8. Gail

    Black color on teeth?

    Can you get a few bristles between her lips while her mouth is closed? Might be able to at least get the outside surfaces of her teeth. I don't know of any way to keep the mouth open. The stains really shouldn't be a problem, most dragons get it to some degree. Does she eat veggies good? Maybe...
  9. Gail

    Black color on teeth?

    That is probably just stains or the beginning of tarter. I have seen some older dragons loose teeth but I don't know if it was related to tarter or not. If your dragon will tolerate it, you could always try brushing with a baby toothbrush, see if any stains clean off.
  10. Gail

    Beardie Bathroom Help - At Wits End

    Its probably not the material, some dragons simply do not like to go in their cage. Have you tried a warm shallow bath before free time? My dragon always goes in the water. Easy clean up. If you don't want him pooping in the bathtub, get a shallow plastic bin and you can dump the waste and water...
  11. Gail

    Stargazing or normal?

    Thats a normal position.
  12. Gail

    Mist or not to mist?

    No, no fogger or misting. Dragons come from arid lands and do just fine with normal house humidity.
  13. Gail

    feeding roaches dubia diet??

    I wouldn't worry about it. I fed my roaches dog food and chicken feed for years and it never bothered the dragons. The amount of food in the roaches stomach is small. Keep your feeders healthy is what matters.
  14. Gail

    Meet Sylvie. My new... Please identify.

    She is a normal central bearded dragon. No way to know age for sure but I would guess a couple months.
  15. Gail


    Did you feed the stems or the leaves? The leaves are the bad part. If he is doing ok now, then he should be fine. I would try to encourage him to drink plenty of water or even feed some romain for 2 or 3 days to help flush his system. If he starts acting off at all, get him to a vet asap.
  16. Gail

    apartment question to own or not

    No, its not a good idea to keep a dragon isolated in a closet. They need stimulation and activity of a household around them.
  17. Gail

    How should I keep my Bearded Dragon warm at night?

    Turn off the lights, dragons do fine with being cool at night. If your house if getting below 60F, you can use a ceramic heat emitter.
  18. Gail

    Best way to get stuck shed off

    Unless your house gets below 60 F at night, you don't need night time heat. Oiling at night would be fine
  19. Gail

    Size Concerns

    The size of adult dragons can vary but he is a little on the small size. How many supers and how much green is he getting a day? Have you always fed him once a day? He should be getting two meals a day and allowed to eat as many greens as he wants a day. I'd personally be feeding around 20...
  20. Gail

    Weird spot on tail

    Thats just a spot getting ready to shed. They shed patchy, its not unusual to weird pale spots. It becomes much more noticeable as they get bigger
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