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    beardie parents's Legacy Uploads

  2. beardie parents

    Our new baby Reki (bearded dragon) is missing!

    I just got done reading this. It reminds me of our first two (years ago) We left them in our bedroom and walked out - shutting the door after us - but the door didn't go all the way to the floor. Miss O just walked under the door. My husband fixed the door so they can't get under it anymore...
  3. beardie parents

    Help on death

    I agree. We have lost a few beardies over the years, thankfully it's been several years ago. What we did then is to put them in something (don't remember what it was after all this time) but we buried them in our yard. I have heard of other people (from here years ago) that did the same thing...
  4. beardie parents

    My Precioussses

    Lil Squirt hasn't eaten a lot, willingly, in at least a week or more. We got food into her, but with forcing suppers in her. She would eat a couple of greens and a carrot but that's all. Until this morning, she ate 9 supper worms. We had prayed for God to get her appetite back up last night...
  5. beardie parents

    My Precioussses

    Our oldest beardie, Rosie, hasn't pooped in a while. We prayed that she'd poop, and she finally did, the only problem is that she did a little bit on my shirt but when i set her down on our bed (we let her and Lil Squirt sleep covered up there only this time she pooped out a LOT on the sheets...
  6. beardie parents

    Sudden anger, please help!

    Our girls (Rosie and Lil Squirt) love outside. One year Rosie took herself outside from the window sill in our bedroom. Goldie (unfortunately we no longer have her) looked outside when my husband asked her where Rosie was. Rosie wanted to go outside and her dad (my husband) didn't take her out...
  7. beardie parents

    My Precioussses

    Our oldest girl, Rosie, is either 12 or 13 (last year we thought she was 14, then I found this thread and read through the past years and realized I had forgotten her correct age. We hope she will be with us for many years yet. Lil Squirt has lost a little bit of her appetite because of the eggs...
  8. beardie parents

    He Missed Me

    Our girls like to sleep like that on our shoulders. When we take a nap we usually sleep with them on us. We and they like that. That's normal with beardies.
  9. beardie parents

    Bearded dragon snuggle

    both our girls prefer 24/7 shoulder time. They don't always get shoulder time that often but we do have them on us in the evening, mainly because we like shoulder time with them also. We learned the hard way, many years ago, that they need a certain amount of uvb in a tank that will keep...
  10. beardie parents

    Edgar is a metalhead!

    We turn on the radio we have in our baathroom near our girls' tanks. We usually have it on when we are not with them in our bedroom. It isn't metal music, it's from a local christian radio station. It doesn't seem to bother them but they do prefer to be snugled by wither one of us. We have...
  11. beardie parents

    Smart little guy!

    :lol: :lol: They are all smart little ones. They have their ways of getting their wishes known.
  12. beardie parents

    Meet Ollie!

    your Ollie is adorable (but they all are) Our girls like to look out the window where their tanks are. They even like sitting in the window looking out that window.
  13. beardie parents

    ollie’s funny behaviors

    It sounds like he enjoys you doing things in the room he's in. I have noticed that they like to watch the world go by. They are bored (I believe) without something to watch while they are basking.
  14. beardie parents

    Mirrors, are they good or evil? Loki voices his opinion!

    We've always had females. I guess that's a good thing.
  15. beardie parents

    She jumped out of her cage onto my shoulder

    Our girls are getting a bit older Rosie's 12 of 13. Lil Squirt is 8. I have known them to crawl from my shoulder to my back, this isn't so often anymore, that was when they were younger. We have leishes to put on them. We used them more when they were younger and wandering all over our front...
  16. beardie parents

    My Precioussses

    I'm glad you have good memories. We take them to church sometimes. We take them into local stores where we shop. In one specific store that we take them to, one time we went there without them, one cashier specifically asked where Lil Squirt was (she hadn't seen Rosie then) we told her we...
  17. beardie parents

    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    Also you could contact Tracie who runs She was helpful to me when our stubborn (very sometimes) Lil Squirt (8 years old now) refused to eat. She gave us some things to give her to get her to eat. One was a grass type thing (we found it at our local health food store but I...
  18. beardie parents

    Beardie losing weight but completely healthy

    I hope he's doing better. We haven't used the reptisun tube for a while. It seemed like we had to replace it too often. We now use a Mercury Vapor bulb. They have kits where you can get the bulb and the fixture for it. If it's cold where you are, you can get the higher wattage kit (say the...
  19. beardie parents

    She jumped out of her cage onto my shoulder

    I think it's also because he prefers shoulder time. Both Rosie and Lil Squirt - not so little anymore- seem to want shoulder time, 24/7 if they could get by with it. But the fact that he likes to jump means you need to keep 4 eyes on him at all times (difficult sometimes, I know)
  20. beardie parents

    My Precioussses

    So much fun sitting with both my girls watching videos and making tea. Our shoulders seem to be there favorite spot.
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