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    Bmiller's Legacy Uploads

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    Important info for new Solarmeter 6.5 owners

    As diamc said - WOW! Thank you Frances for such a thorough response. Makes absolute sense that it's calibrated against a standard irrelevant to reptiles. So - off to buy a 6.5 with the right serial numbers :?
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    Important info for new Solarmeter 6.5 owners

    Apologies if this should be a new thread but looking at the Solarmeter site I see a model 6.4 VITAMIN D UV METER - Isn't that ultimately what we're trying to determine or are there other reasons to choose 6.5?
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    Eating problem

    Oh it's personal now Jiminy ....
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    Is it ok that I do this with my bearded dragon?

    Old thread but same experience. If I put blanket on my chest my bd does a little shuffle just like my dog does, flattens out, closes his eyes and lights out. Zzzzzzzz..... Then I feel guilty when I need to put him back in tank because he's like a limp noodle and I have to scrape him off :?
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    Need help with a picky adult beardie who wont eat greens?

    My beardie is about 12 months old and the only way he will eat some greens is if I put them in 1st thing in the morning (he wakes up hungry), sprinkle them with calcium powder and NO other alternative even remotely in sight. After 30 min of giving me the stink eye he caves and starts chowing...
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    Shedding behavior

    I seem to have lucked out with my beardie. He was crabby yesterday and I couldn't figure out why. This morning he was circling tank repeatedly climbing over and under perches and then I glance over and he looks like he's walking around in a shredded balloon. Misted him a few times and aside...
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    Beardie becoming somewhat spoiled/picky

    I've only had my juvenile beardie for two weeks and can already see the peril of becoming a picky eater. I made the mistake of feeding him superworms while he was sitting on my desk and now he prowls my desk relentlessly stopping to fix me with that sideways look of "More wormz pleaz?". The next...
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    Eat your veggies!

    Ok great. I was worried about unbalanced diet (yes I am gut loading crickets). I only gave him 10 crickets this morning and he is now perched on food bowl - picked at greens and giving me the stink eye ...
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    Eat your veggies!

    So I have the list of safe veggies but what do juveniles tend to like best? I've tried: Mustard Greens Shredded carrots Minced grapes Dandelion Leaves Picks at them but isn't really interested. On the other hand he tries persistently to get to the Coleus plants on my window ledge. Appetite...
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    Already Spoiled

    My BD is like a toddler. He's perfectly content to hang out on me until he decides he's ready for a nap and then hops off to go find a comfy spot to curl up. At first I tried to redirect him by putting arm in his way but then he'd try to "dig" under my arm. Problem solved .... MY training is...
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    Found new home

    Very helpful thank you! 1,000 crickets on order :lol:
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    Found new home

    Thanks! MV Bulb is Solar Glow 125 Watt and I have Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp 100 Watts on order as backup. Surface temp of wood perch under lamp is 98.3, surface temp of BD while basking is 104.5 Dubia Colony - Hmmm, if crickets get loose wife will be annoyed. Roaches get loose...
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    Found new home

    Offered “Free” Juvenile BD (Done this rodeo before - no such thing as a "Free" pet). :roll: Not sure about committing to a “Lizard” so agree on trial basis: Day 1 – dropped off in evening: • BD curls up in my hands after circling and scratching like a dog and promptly goes to sleep. Gives...
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